I Isekaid Into A Vampire World Book

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I Isekaid Into A Vampire World


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Dehlia, a twenty-two-year woman, and an orphan lived a mundane life - an ordinary life that had no trace of excitement. Every day was the same for her. Even when her boyfriend broke things off with her, she didn't cry nor was she disheartened, if anything, she was glad that a burden was lifted off her shoulder. She now had only herself to take care of. However, Fate seems to have other plans for her. While surfing through the internet after her break-up, she stumbles upon beta testing for an interactive game and after answering a few questions, falls asleep only to wake up in a vampire world. The world Dahlia thought she knew had changed or maybe this wasn't her world at all and her system made sure to remind her of that. Vampires are wickedly beautiful, charming, fast, strong creatures but yet unabashedly arrogant as they claim to be superior to humans. Unfortunately, this time they rule this world, and Dehlia, sadly, creates a huge scene on the 1000th birthday of the vampire king, Romulus Dominica IV. Although she managed to escape, she didn't escape the claws of Romulus who has his influence all over the vampire world. Now, Dahlia has jumped from frying pan to fire because as punishment she was chosen to compete for the king. A battle Royale where the vampire exerts their dominance and women fight against each other to emerge winner and gets to be the chosen bride of the great Romulus. But then what happens when the vampire king no longer see humans as measly creatures and Dehlia has no choice but to play along to the system's wishes? What can they do when there's danger lurking around the corner. Sometimes, love has to be fought over. Note: this is my first time writing a system novel and I might not be perfect at it. Disclaimer: cover picture doesn't belong to me.


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