I accidentally married a "CEO"
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I accidentally married a "CEO"


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What is I accidentally married a "CEO"

Read I accidentally married a "CEO" novel written by the author AJZHEN on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, r18, weaktostrong, mystery, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"WARNING--MATURE CONTENT" [EDITING IN PROGRESS] Due to the matchmaking skills of B-52 and Long Island Ice Tea, Jeff and Ann were pronounced husband and wife. The two were different as day and night. They accidentally met the club and made an agreement that would change their lives and themselves forever... The agreement was... ​"A fake marriage." Consequently, the love story begins... ~Note: If your reading this other than the Webnovel.com site, please stop! Do not support sites that had been stealing my hard work. Thank you! If you want to chat with me and has some question. Join me at discord. Link below: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG


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“Im going to be shameless and do self promotion.” For all my “kababayan” who loves a good read and watched a lot of “Tele-Serye” I invite you all to give my novel a try. I’m very new and still making grammatical errors, but the story itself is something you won’t want to missed. Maraming salamat po! Your humble Author.


I believe everything happened for a reason in this world. The Almighty God sets our destiny in this world perfectly and no such accidents in life. But after reading your novel, I really want "this accident" happens in my life! I want my own "Jeffrey". LoL!! Thanks, Author.... Keep writing... 5 stars from me.


Best novel ever💓!!!💓 Each and every chapter has a complete vision of the details of what was happening at that. I had Mr. Wright 😠😠has this brute with a cowboy hat and shoes some mafia guy?! Olivia 😤😤 looked like the woman in the 500 dalmatians. You can get it now?!?!? My favorite characters were all of the Wen, Tan & Go families. I was able to give each character an actual face! Thanks for a wonderful story, with this pandemic, my days don't feel as long & closed in.


So far it is a good and interesting story and I am looking forward to reading more. The author has been updating fast so far. Take a chance and give it a try.


Really good, I look forward to the continuation! He falls into my library without hesitation 140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...140...


Reveal spoiler


It's a wonderful book.... Good and captivating... Enticing story ...its gives the readers something to look forward... There is a part that really grabbed my attention... I felt like Wow... This is really impressive on the writers part... The story also teaches lots of lesson and it's a romantic novel that grabs the readers attention... Good work


It's the best story ever I love it It's the perfect story for me Ann wen and Jeff go are just too perfect for each other They made me love the story the most Lea and Ronald are the funniest couple ever Eva and Ethan are dope


I highly recommend this book to everyone. You will fall in love with the characters. There's not too many twists and turn, and you will never get bored. The Author is something else, to be able to create such a story. I love the way it was written, easy to understand, doesn't have that many fancy wording that was going to make you look up in the dictionary or google.


An amazing story that flows really well and the plot is really interesting! It's very different from the other stories I've read and has made me eager/excited to read the next chapters ((: Thanks for your hard work author <3


Hello! The author here, Our journey with Ann and Jeff had ended. It was Oct.13, 2018 when we first met and travel together with this loving couple. [smile on my face] April 15, 2018, when we said our goodbyes. [Tears flowing down my face] However, the story does not end there, and it will continue with: 1] "ONE NIGHT WITH THE PRINCE" 2] "AVA & THE PRINCE." 3]" Jeffrey Jr. story., no title yet." If you had enjoyed reading IAMAC, please, don't hesitate to support the sequel of the book. Add to your library, and Vote, if you like it. Thank you for being with me to the end.


I appreciate the author's effort in writing using her second language and her honesty and humility. I am one person who is also very critical on grammar and proper word use, though admittedly I, too, am not perfect. But if someone will admit his/her imperfection, who am I to judge? I know it is also very costly to hire an editor and/or proofreader but if we give our generous support to new and inexperienced authors, instead of tactlessly criticising them - you will never know that things might change for the better, if not, the best. I do hope I can be of help in any way for you in your future endeavors. Love what you do and these will surely give you love in return. AJA!


thanks for bringing your idea into this novel. thanks for your hard work. this novel is interesting. author updated this novel frequently, thanks for that and keep it up although real life is more important and top priority. hope reader read this novel and recommended to others. don't forget to take good care of your health too, dear author. keep it up and good luck for you! View More


The title really catch my attention that why i added it to my library. Then when i read it na..its interesting kasi you willbeexcited to go to nextchapter.


I really enjoyed this story so far ,it all talked about love ,hatred, struggle, believe and Lot's more. I hope it ends soon pls don't add any suspense after d wedding


The synopsis pique my interest... Instantly added to my library... Looking forward to this novel.. hope this would be a good one..🤗🤗🤗🤔🤔🤔 Thanks for the passion of the author on this one.. More power..😂😂😂


If you want something interesting, gripping, exciting then look no further. With suspense, drama, Romance it will make you feel like you are one of the characters. With love comes great responsibility lol


The story holds the interest of the reader, it gets better as we go deeper... sometimes when the story holds the suspense for too long, it becomes strenuous but here we are satisfied with the sweet turn of events soon..


This novel has a very sweet story, just can't get tired of reading it, it's really hard to get tried of it. I read and read and read and forget I need spirit stones, I wish I could but more spirit stones with my verve card.


Oh she met him by accident he fell in love ♥️ withb her from th e first moment . He decided not to let her know her identity and helped her in the shadows until she is ready to be his 🌷 and capable to face his family 😍😍😍


How do you accidentally marry a CEO? Someone teach me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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