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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary


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What is Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

Humanity Online: World Sanctuary is a popular web novel written by the author Seshata, covering VRMMORPG, OVERPOWERED MAIN CHARACTER, ACTION, COMEDY, POWER COUPLE ROMANCE, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 124 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 106 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After an accident leaves pro-gamer Eric Lieu both mentally and physically scarred, he’s forced to leave the pro circuit and any chance he’d ever have at being the “best.” In real life, socially-awkward loners whose facial muscles only seem to recognize “surly frown” and “smug-ass smirk” as expressions don’t get to rule the world. But then eccentric genius Zhao Jianyu launches Viren’s Refuge, the first full-immersion VRMMORPG, and Eric decides to join this game of Gods and monsters to rise from the ashes even stronger than before. Citing his belief that “Games belong to the Gamers,” Zhao Jianyu refuses corporate investments and offers an unbelievable deal to hardcore gamers: Play for Shares! The first 10,000 players to buy the insanely expensive VR gear and game subscription will receive stock in Zhao Jianyu’s private company. Furthermore, once the initial 9 Mythic Realms of the game are defeated, the Final Player Rankings will determine who inherits the company. Zhao Jianyu does all he can to make the playing field equal against the corporations determined to exploit his game, but it will be up to the gamers themselves to prove that those who enjoy the game the most will always be the ultimate winners. With the help from a quirky cast of friends Eric definitely didn’t ask for (and can’t understand why they keep sticking around), Eric is determined to win the game for the gamers and help Zhao Jianyu realize his dream of a world safe for all types of people—even the loser loners. But with so many real-world stakes, will Eric be able to survive long enough to prove the true worth of a gamer?


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As a gamer, this book really speaks to me. Author actually captures what it's really like. Also, it's funny as f*ck. Author also has great language and grammar!


This story is a wild adventure of epic! With a MC that makes you feel as if you’re sitting on your best friend’s couch, watching him play games late at night and a complex structure that engulfs the reader in its world, you won’t want to put it down. It’s evident the author has put a painstaking amount of research into video games, monsters, VR and Asian culture. This is a story that places you in the middle of a death game and you aren’t sure if you’ll survive the next boss fight. Extremely well written and deserving of your read.


Alright. This keeps my attention, completely. Love every second I spend reading this, like all good books takes me completely out of my world and transports me into a different one.


Seshata has hit their groove early on in Humanity Online: Viren’s Refuge. Readers closely follow Erik Lieu in first person, present tense as he dives into the world’s first and greatest VRMMORPG. An elite gamer, his running narrative reveals him to be equal parts confident (bordering on arrogance) and vulnerable (humble enough to know when to laugh at himself). And readers will laugh! His self-aware, at times self-conscious, at times self-deprecating, cynicisms leave no one unscathed. His incisive wit (read: snark) dissects a well-planned world rich in detail, historical lore, and ripe with future potential. And not just gaming potential! The stakes are high in Viren’s Refuge with a sweetened pot provided by the games originator. And for Erik, making his way to the top is about more than just being the best — it’s personal, too. Action-packed cinematic sequences meld seamlessly with plot-turns and character exploits in chapters written so well they virtually read themselves aloud to you. This book is perfect for anyone who has ever sought the answer to - do video game Gods have a sense of humor? Or - what happens if the Chosen One loses his trousers? I can’t wait to find out, myself!


This is such a messed up novel, I didn't understand anything....clearly I am yo dumb for this one good lick other readers. Will not recommend to others


Hey Peeps, Author Here! As I conclude Volume One, I thought I should explain a few things. First, I will be moving to Daily Updates. My chapters run on the longer side, so only one chapter a day for now. This novel doesn’t fly through plot like some others, but if you like well-developed storylines, vivid imagery and action, and high-quality writing, this is the story for you! I have the entire storyline mapped out, and MC will always be moving toward that final epic climax. Though it includes all the fun gamer story tropes, one thing that makes this novel different is the weaving of world mythologies throughout the storyline. From weapons to mobs to game maps, real mythical or legendary elements come into play. I also include some historical or mythical context in the Author Notes from time to time, if that kind of thing interests you! I try to balance action and deep or dark elements with humor, so it’s the kind of story that is both gritty and giggle-inducing. There will not be a harem; MC falls fast and hard for a badass FL, though there will be other female characters in general (SAO-style). The romance will be similar to SAO, in that it exists and is fun and leads to its own misadventures and social awkwardness, but it’s not what moves the plot. I hope you enjoy Humanity Online: World Sanctuary!


The author is giving their all in the world development of this tale of a forcefully retired pro gamer on his rise back to the top in a new, experimental VRMMORPG. Their extensive knowledge of video games is coupled with their love of mythos and lore. I wait with bated breath for every chapter.


Reveal spoiler


A great story, interesting characters, a lot of great background and it’s hard to put it down even for a non gamer. Excellent work, makes you want to learn more about Greek mythology


Interesting story, no info dump and excellent/refreshing writing. Honestly, I don’t have anything bad to say about this story. It will you laugh your ass off.


I’m literally on chapter 5 and I’m hooked. The best thing about this story isn’t even the characters or the world building, it’s the community including the author. Just reading the comments as I go has me dying laughing.


Honestly, as a reader I tend not to read anything that hasn't reached at least 200 chapters. I breached that rule when i started this novel tonight, and it turned out to be the best thing i have done in a long time. The story is absolutely enrapturing, the exposition is sweet and concise, theres no unnecessary info dumps, it builds itself so beautifully and im still wanting more. Ill be here for ever chapter from here on, thank you very much author.


Very impressed with the author's ability to split scenes. The attention to detail with specific points in the story shows that the author is both learned and experienced in those types of details. I also appreciate the obvious research that went into mythology/folklore, as it makes the story that much more relatable. Special thanks to the author for the amazing read! I'm never more than an hour behind the chapter upload, and legit look forward to it in my day.


Excited for more. Very well thought out, and exceptional attention to detail. I find myself continuously appreciating the small side nods to other characters and how they may eventually interact with the plot.


So far, I am greatly enjoying this read overall. Reading a novel that is written by an English speaking writer is certainly a different experience than a translated story or a foreign writer. That is not to say that I don't enjoy a foreign read, but the difference in colloquialisms and overall vocabulary mastery is quite different and a nice change of pace.


I have not laughed this hard in forever. The myth-related jokes kill me. Author is a pro writer, and it shows. Chapters seem like actual time and effort went into them, no "filler bc I need to make update schedule" bs, and great grammar, no typos. Mostly though I love the story. Awesome myths so far, cool world-building, and MC is a funny mix of awesome and socially awkward. Bonus, the girl characters don't suck! Whattt?! A gamer novel without tons of annoying sexism?! Crazy.


I only bother reviewing things that I actually like. This usually takes 50+ chapters. I am reviewing this after 3. The quality of the writing and character voice is significantly higher than anything else I have read here and it needed to be acknowledged. I will continue to update as I read more, but have no doubt it will continue to be excellent.


This is literally the best WebNovel I've ever read. Honestly. I was laughing, crying, and seriously got invested in the characters. But, the entire time I was Smiling. Sesata, you're amazing. Keep going!


Amazing. The characters are both relatable and not cliche. Each event captures you and make it feel like its real like you're standing next to erubus.


The story starts out a little abrasive and *seemingly* shallow, but much like the main protagonist that is merely a defensive mechanism to keep its status as an ultimate gem. The first 30 chapters were fun and generally light. Pretty funny too. After that those continue but I’m finding myself more invested and interested as the characters start getting more complex, real, and admirable. Real villains haven’t had much time yet, and I hope that they are done as well as the protagonist is (challenge there for sure). Thx and cheers to the author!


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