It is a mid summer month. Wt night a man named Eric came to a restaurant and booked a room. The receptionist said that not to go to room number 208. He did not cared her words and went to his room and got fresh up. The next day when he is going to have breakfast to ground floor, he passed through room no 208 and remembered the words of the receptionist and he saw into the room 208 through the keyhole. He saw a woman who have a milky white skin tone and looked like she is mentally ill. He thought "may be she is mentally challenged, that's why the receptionist said not to go to that room". He came down and ate breakfast, When he saw receptionist while going to his room she again said not to go to room 208. When he is passing through room 208 he again saw through the keyhole, this time he saw a red background with black spots on it. After seeing it he went to his room.

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The next day when he is going down the receptionist said the same words and Eric got irritated and asked her "what is the problem with room 208" she relied "many customers said that they saw ghost in that room and they vacated that room 208. From then, we closed that room and we are worning the customers". Eric asked "How she will look?"the receptionist said "many customers said that she has milky white skin tone and her eyes are of red color with black spots".

At this point, Eric realized that first time when he saw through the keyhole, he saw the ghost and second time when he saw through the same hole, that time the ghost too saw him through the keyhole at him means the red and black spotted background is her eye.

After realizing, immediately he vacated the room and went away

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