Desires of a Lead Book

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Desires of a Lead


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When Nadia is handed a new novel in a series to edit, she isn't exactly thrilled. What Nadia doesn't know is that the story she'd been handed is about to come off the pages. One character in particular is not happy with the way the story is going. He's a side character name Xyle. Xyle is angry that he has been treated so poorly in the series he was written. He has a few things to say and mistakes Nadia for the author at first. Nadia has no idea what to do with this inhuman warrior that has stepped off the pages of the novel she is editing. What's worse, he starts to come after her in a far different way. When Xyle realizes that if you want to stay alive you need to find a way to be a lead in this world. To him it seems obvious that Nadia is a female lead. A female lead that does not appear to have a male lead in her life. How is that not a perfect opportunity to escape his fate and get what his original author denied him? A life, a mate and even simple joys. Xyle realizes pretty quick that Nadia is going to make this hard. To bad he's already used to a hard life, and being denied. He's going to win this time, even if he has to write their fates himself into the pages of this story.


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