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Dawning Skye


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What is Dawning Skye

Dawning Skye is a popular web novel written by the author Sara_Wilcox, covering ADVENTURE, MAGIC, ROMANCE, ACTION, COMEDY, PRINCE, R - 18, FAIRIES, EPIC LOVE, INTRIGUE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 253.4K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 175 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When Skye Moonstone’s wedding is interrupted by her former betrothed, her life becomes a series of complications, mystery, and excitement. Knowing only of the boy he used to be, Skye finds herself drawn to the man Prince Tidas has become. Intelligent, strong, and charismatic; he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the love of his life.. No matter the risk to his body or soul. Throughout her many trials, Skye will learn that her home, family, and even personal history are all stories meant to keep her safe. That her true purpose is not just to save her love, but her entire world. Intrigue, legends, and her place in it all will lead Skye down a path she knows she may not come back from. But to save the lives of her loved ones, she’ll risk her very existence.. Whatever it takes to save them. Magic, Fae, war, fate; they all reside in this epic love tale of fantasy. All can be found within the Dawning Skye.. One simply needs to look. ****WARNING: 18+ Mature Content Viewer Discretion Is Advised**** Content Contains: Violence, Language, Blood/Gore, Trigger Material(No Actual Rape Scenes), And Graphic Sex Scenes. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

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I'm glad I started reading this novel, the characters are developing and the story is off to a great start. I wish I could get more bonuses daily.


Wow this is not at all the normal type of book that I read, I am enjoying it immensely. I can’t stop going from chapter to chapter to chapter. I encourage anyone reading my review to start this book. He will not be disappointed!




I really love the way you explain every moment even just a tiny detail in your story it really helps the imagination of your reader understand what the scene is, the mood is and what the plot is, You are a great author and I highly recommend this book, I will try and recommend this to other Good job Author![img=recommend]


This book is written amazingly!! I love the characters and the plot line 💕


The plot and characters are very well thought out. Its a little hard to read with an accent but it does add to the story which I like. Overall very captivating!


Reveal spoiler


love the idea of the dragon baby bonding with main character to see if it will help her in future battles and strengthen warrior qualities to make up for her lack of speed


This book is definitely a must read for all romance fans out there!! The author has a great command of language and so far this story has been nothing but entertaining. All the characters that I've seen have been fun and the dialogue between them really brings them to life. One of my favorite parts about this story is how the main romantic interest is a pretty good guy, especially since so many guys in romances nowadays are pretty nasty ://. The world building for the story is spot on and very easy to immerse oneself in. Keep up the amazing work author :DD


What a refreshing read for a book. I am loving this book and the way this author writes. The characters are believable and so are the mystical elements and creatures that they come in contact with. Still not my normal style of read but I’m liking it a lot…




Reveal spoiler




Reveal spoiler


the characters are intriguing, and you really get involved in them. the detail and scenes are well written. The love scenes are hot. The character's grab at your heart and take you in. You watch the changes in Skye and Titus relationship, and Skye's growth powers. And how strong Skye is, but Titus is why she can be strong. The fae lend wimsey and humor, besides points of contention. I'll be interested on how far Skye can go with Titus by her side.


I've read a couple of chapters with my boyfriend so far and this story is really interesting! Skye is a very strong woman. I really enjoyed her internal monologues. I also enjoyed the fact that the author was able to write accents for some of the characters (including the MC). The descriptions of the settings, characters, and clothes are vivid. The character design is really thorough. It's easy to figure out who is supposed to be who. Skye is my favorite character and my boyfriend really likes Tidas. There were a few grammatical errors. Also, I like the fact that Skye refuses to conform to ridiculous gender expectations during that time period but I didn't like the fact that she kept on saying that she is not like other women. Overall, great story! I am looking forward to reading more


Awesome captivating style of writing that will make the readers hooked! 18+ mature content has a very strict warning so be sure to get your pants on before reading this! Good job!


What a beautiful story! Please I would request everyone to read this book! It's awesome & captivating! The plot has attracted me the most & also the building of characters! Just keep it up dear Author!


I binge-read it till the end and this story has a potential....keep up the good work author.....really like reading it till the latest update....recommended


The only issue i have with reading this book is a times there are a grammatical and spelling errors -overall it is well written and a page turner


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