136 Family Issues Are Everywhere

Astonishment covered Sven's face as he held an actual piece of dragon's flesh in his hands. His first thought was doubt, but he'd Never seen leather like it before. He'd even worked with wyvern leather. The texture was similar, but the durability was worlds apart. Not even look up; he turned around, and began walking towards his shop.

   Still looking at the material in his hands, Sven said; "We best continue this in my shop.."

   The blacksmith didn't understand how leather could possibly be turned into metal. The materials were usually utterly different in composition, but then again; this was dragon leather. It was completely new territory, which excited Sven greatly. Prompting him to ask a firestorm of questions after flipping the Open/Closed sign on his door around, and locking it.

   "Where did you get this?"

   Skye braced herself for their back and forth; "I can't tell ye that.."

   "Was it a gift?"

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   "...In a way."

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