135 Helms Smitty

Ronnie and Klaus were in the shop talking with the owner when Skye had opened the door. They were close enough to it that all three heard what the man was yelling. Klaus grabbed a random sword and an axe, turned to Ronnie, and said; "Grab something," in a menacing tone.

   Ronnie grabbed the first handle he saw, but didn't realize it was attached to a giant mace. The deep, smooth nubs on the enormous ball would've looked extremely intimidating; if anyone else would've been carrying it.. It was so bulky and heavy, he could barely lift it.

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   Klaus and Ronnie stood with the two guards behind them. They weren't magic users, but they were very well trained, and had combat experience. Klaus was restraining himself already, and Ronnie was forcing himself to come out of the shop. The five men stared at the others as they hesitated. The heckler's companions looked like they wanted to leave, but he'd started up again.

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