Dawn- An age of Darkness
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Dawn- An age of Darkness


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What is Dawn- An age of Darkness

Read Dawn- An age of Darkness novel written by the author Nr_Yet1208 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, mystery, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


#WSA2021 entry!!! ~In a world where death is everywhere and the gods do nothing, living is hardly a blessing. The dark realm- the gods call this world. One day or rather one night, a young man- Daarc Green, finds himself stranded in the middle of a forest. He is hunted by goblins and then the undead. But wasn't he in his room all this time? And why would these things come after his life? Things didn't make sense but he marched deeper into the forest and met a statue of an angel. Will he survive to tell the tale?~ 5 GUARANTEED CHAPTERS A WEEK (PROMISE! I MIGHT RELEASE MORE IF THIS GETS MORE TICKETS) 10+ Golden Tickets, 2 extra chapters every week next month (total 7) 50+ Tickets, 4 extra chapters (total 9) 100+ Tickets, 6 extra chapters a week (total 11) Update schedule: Every day around 11.59 AM GMT+8 or, 9.30 pm. Cover isn't mine. Support kirinottk (original artist) CH size 1.2k~1.9 (depends on context) present tense= internal monologue You can follow me on twitter@nr_yet Or on Instagram @nr_yet1208 Or perhaps join my Discord Server and have a blast talking about novels? https://discord.gg/FUzyEwmZmj Ps. Everything is just fiction.


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Honest 7* review. Ah, I can't exceed 5 stars. What a pity. The writing quality is such that I was unable to find something to improve or correct. As for the story, it is depicted with such details and realism that I find myself being immersed in the world as I would watch a movie (and live it). I can perfectly imagine an anime or a movie being adapted from the book. Note also the insane frequency at which the author is able to write one chapter after another! That requires tremendous talent and dedication. So, you who is reading this review, please give all your power stones so that the author writes the rest of story. Shameless review from a reader that wants to know what happens next.


1 million special!!!! First of all, thank you everyone for your continuous support. In recognition of that, I've released 3 chapters today. Next, I'm glad you're looking at this (yes, you, the reader.) I'll try my best to entertain you through my writing. And lastly, some answers. This is a dark fantasy so there will be plenty of blood and death. There will be romance but not a harem. The plot is favored over the length of the chapters, so some might be shorter than others but I generally try to keep the word count close to 1.5k Lastly, thanks again for picking this up. If you have questions, feel free to comment. Hate me? You can even send me hate mails. Address is in the bio.


This is a fun read! I didn't bore out after reading the first chapter and to my surprise, I already went to another pages! The first person narration was cut above the rest and I know the author was learning how to perfect his craft. This kind of novel was up to my alley and I like its dark theme. More power to you author as you pave this solitary journey. You got potential! You know that? 😉


What's up, everyone. I really love this story. Took me months to write and edit it. But I was patient and dealt with it. It's pretty big too. Hopefully, you'll like it as much as I did. Ps. It's a dark fantasy, so obviously there'll be blood. Muahahaha!


I'm kind of in love with the mc and his struggles. At first glance, it seemed like any other fantasy novel, but then it began to dish out hard facts. But I like it and recommend to everyone.


Announcement! We've finally reached 100k views! I'm gonna try extra hard from today, so please support me by voting. Your vote ensures that this novel reaches others. If you like this then vote, share or perhaps follow me on Twitter @nr_yet? I'm not gonna force ya, but it'll mean a lot. Cheers!


The use of first POV made the MC's struggles more relatable to the readers. The world building is done well, and the vivid descriptions made it very thrilling and heart pounding to read. Kudos for updating this very often, too. Keep it up and good luck in the contest! ^^


The first chapter was captivating. This is my first time reading a web novel. I didn't know what to expect but the quality seems decent enough.


I liked the story pretty much. The mc development is actually quite good.I lowkey like how the story is advancing. Although there is always room for improvement 👍🤟


Just read the first chapter. It's amazing. Too amazing perhaps. Jokes aside, this is a pretty good read. The first chapter was quite thrilling and I'm hoping the rest of it'll be solid too.


It's a pretty decent story. Probably not the best but not the worst either. The writing style is decent and so is the plot. I did enjoy some parts of it and hated other. Overall, a good read.


The story has lots of potential. It started with adrenaline pumping action in chapter 1 and it truly was a great reading experience. I think the choice of 1st POV suits the story well since it's the experience of one person. However, I also think that there is too much introspection (chap2) that some elements already become repetitive. It's also become slowpaced since he had not met anyone yet and still alone for two chapters. Maybe I'm just impatient or I have become one since Chapter1 was quite full of action so the expectation was there. In chapter3 he already met another character and some questions were answered, but only after paragraphs of introspection again. Just a concerned reminder from one author to the next, be careful not to go to the purple prose territory. Also try to eliminate redundancy. All the best author! Keep on writing!


The theme is obnoxiously captivating and attractive. It is pretty weird but good in a way. I was quite shocked while reading some chapters which is a green flag. Hoping for the best.


Pretty nice. I would like to your works more.The story changes quite much as it advances, thats the fact I liked the most about it. I seriously liked the details about the world and stuff.


I m giving 5/5 star for this novel.. .it's really well return while the character development is superb... The way it shows his emotions, fear while he still want to survive in a unknown place is making it more thrilling..... It easy to understandable which make it intresting


Just into chapter 1 your already sent on a heart pounding journey of fighting. Perfect for dark fantasy lovers looking for action right at the start. I will definitely add this to my library for updates. I really am liking it so far, so keep it up! (as u can see, I like using gifs). 😆


My kind of story, fantasy with a dark twist, where the MC is always fighting to survive, the world grows with each chapter and the author knows how to describe it well, besides all the fights of course.


ok, i like this kind style who use many narration from first pov(protag). For some reason, this is will be my inspiration about narration for my novel which is had deficiency for each chapter.


It's pretty well written. But there are some things im not comfortable with. The inner monologue, for example, is written in pretense tense and can sometimes be distracting since there are no italics. Other than that it's pretty well written.


I personally know the author so I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible. This is a good story. The narration is well enough and there aren't any glaring problems with the writing. Some awkward sentences are here and there but I mostly enjoyed this. Hopefully, everyone else will too.


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