131 Let there be even more rage

It roared in agony and turned around. I lost my sanity and kept shoving my sword with one hand and brought out my knife with the other: neither did anything more than just grazes but at least I was doing damage.

I didn't care about my wounds. They weren't a priority anymore. I laced myself on top of it and started skinning it as it jumped back and forth like a mad ox; its claws were sharp and half of my body was torn, but I was enraged beyond reason.

I was bleeding and my whole body was in serious pain, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't even think and I didn't care. Unforgivable! I'll kill you!

The other head was murmuring something and within a manner of seconds, a giant ball of ice descended from the sky and almost fell on me.

"Look out boy!"

I would have been pierced through if I hadn't jumped at the last moment. But the ice didn't do much damage to the monster. It might have had resistance to ice.

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