130 Let there be rage

The monster was circling us and we were left there to wait for it to attack. It was nerve wrecking. But there wasn't any other way. We didn't attack first as we were still thinking of ways to escape. It did seem like there was no escape, but that didn't stop us from searching for one.

Could it be, this monster…?

"You there, you can understand me, can't you?" I tested my luck. The others were looking at me with bitter eyes as though I was an idiot or something. I probably was one, so I couldn't blame them.

It wasn't a sudden outburst. I'd thought this through and made a logical decision. It might have seemed pretty illogical though.

There wasn't any answer from the Lion-gator thingy, at least that's what it looked like. "You are the one who killed all the undead here, correct?" I continued.

Again there was no reply.

The old man kept an eye on the thing and whispered. "You sure you want to do this?"

"We wouldn't know until we tried right?"

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