Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic Book

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Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic


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She really wasn't expecting things to be this way. She wasn't expecting to die. Not so early. She had dreams she wanted to achieve. She wanted to change the world. To make it a better place. She was a good person. How did she die so soon? She was sad. Disappointed. She wouldn't be able to achieve those goals. It was ironic seeing as she was hoping to die since the age of ten and when it finally happened she was disappointed. Her life had ended. Or at least that's what she thought. When she suddenly finds herself reincarnated into the dragon ball universe she had to improvise her dreams and goals. From then on her new goal was to become the strongest female fighter in the universe. No to become the strongest fighter even surpassing Goku himself. She would make sure females had a more prominent role in her new world. In a world where you kill or be killed only the strong survived.


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