5 Chapter 5

It had been two months,the ship was completed,Sarada had tested it and she was happy with the results. She upped the gravity to ten and was happy to find it working properly. The max gravity of the machine is 500. She spent a couple of hours training in the thing before she needed to eat and take a shower. It was finally time for her to go. She didn't plan on being away for long,just a month or so. She just needed to learn instant transmission and the fusion dance. You never know when the latter would come in handy.

She started teaching Bulma all about ki as she had promised. To her pleasant surprise Bulma picked up on things pretty quick,not just scientific. She understood what she needed to do to get a hold of her ki very well and did so in two days time. It was impressive. Sarada was actually pretty proud of herself and Bulma. She was just learning how to fly. She figured it out all on her own as well. She only needed Sarada's advice on how to better move around and stay in the sky longer. It wouldn't be too long before she was flying around like an expert.

She wanted to learn how to fight next,finding Sarada very fascinating for how much different she was from her. She was so strong,confident,smart and independent. Bulma wanted to be like that. Strong enough to handle herself when faced with dangers,to do all the impossible feats Sarada could so easily pull off,to be unaffected by gravity ten times that of earth,to be so calm and collected in every situation. Sarada became the person she aspired to be, despite her being younger.

She would have to wait,however. Sarada was setting off soon and promised to teach her some martial arts when she returned. She also promised to bring some space tech with her to experiment. The two had some wonderful times working on such projects together. It was fun having someone who enjoyed the same thing as you,they both realized.

As it was,Bulma was lying on Sarada's bed watching her rummage through her desk in search of something. She had already packed capsules containing everything she would need for her trip. Some new armor,normal clothes,food,her projects,some medical supplies,food,training utilities,food.

Mostly food.

"What are you looking for? "

"My scouter" Just as she said that she found the small device under a pile of papers. She should really be more orderly with her desk. The small device looked the same as it always did,with a few changes of course. Firstly it was set in earth language so Bulma could understand. The only reason Sarada did that was so Bulma would stop pestering her about it. Very persistent. The other change is the increase in detectable ki. She increased it from 10.000 to 20.000. To do that she needed to strengthen it's materials and detectors so it would not explode upon coming in contact with a high power level. It was a very enjoyable job. She didn't really plan on using it to detect power levels though. It was still her listening device. She was still keeping a close eye on Frieza and from what she gathered Raditz,Vegeta and Nappa had returned a few weeks back and have been fed the ridiculous lie. Now they at working under the cold tyrant. Sarada told herself she could care less about those fools. They never treated her as an equel despite her high power. Even her own older brother who was weaker than her. The fool. It's why they always got into fights,which resulted with him in intensive care,yet somehow he was still a smug, prideful bastard. And don't get her started on the prince. She may have him to thank for her life and he made sure she knew that,but that did not mean she was beneath him. They were very close in power and so he had no right. And it was always she who made sure they got back in one piece. She was Always the one that made their life saving decisions. It was always her that repaired their ships whenever it had an issue. They never appreciated all the times she saved their asses.

In all honesty she really couldn't care less about the prince and Nappa,but she found herself unwillingly caring about her bastard of an older brother. She found herself worried about him and actually missing him. He was still her brother and family after all. She never had such a thing in her last life so she appreciated it in this one.

She knew to be thankful.

She gripped her backpack and slung it over her shoulder as she wrapped her tail around her armored waist. As much as she loved the saiyan armor she was thinking of creating her own. Maybe in some fashion to those saiyan twins,Giblet and Shallot if she remembered correctly. She found their armors fitting and stylish enough.

She was faintly aware of Bulma coming down the stairs after her. The girl had been following her the entire day. Sarada smirked. Bulma may not want to openly admit it,but Sarada knew she would miss her dearly.

Sarada followed the scent of the delicacies Panchy had no doubt prepared for her. Panchy was the second cook she knew that she placed high upon the list. The first is and always will be her mother. Cooking was her job after all. She was deemed ineligible for the field because of her low power level and her gentle nature. Even more, she developed a genuine union of companionship with Bardock; a rare case for Saiyans, who normally do not develop male-female relationships except for breeding purposes. Sarada could never understand how that makes her ineligible for battle. That was a lie,bur she could understand why at the same time. Saiyans see love as a weakness and that's all there is to it.

Sarada loves and respects her mother to no end. She was and will remain the kindest Saiyan as long as she's around. She genuinely cares for her children and would do anything for them. That is something she wanted her younger brother to experience. She refused to let Frieza rob Kakarot of a mother's love and guidance.

Sarada placed herself at the dining table and happily dived into the heaven awaiting her. Panchy stood aside, happy smile on her face as she prepared more food to replace what Sarada would devour. Panchy loved that Sarada ate so much,simply because it meant she could cook more and someone would happily eat it.

"When do you plan on coming back? " Bulma asked as she sat opposite the happy saiyan trying to fill her very being.

"In a months time hopefully " Sarada answered. Somehow her words were clear despite how full her mouth was. It was amazing how she could completely transform into starved creature with no reservations at all.

"Where are you going?" Bulma was hoping the kid would tell her now. She refused to tell her since she revealed it,but Bulma figured that since she was leaving already she wouldn't mind revealing her destination.

"Planet Yardrat"


Sarada nodded and swallowed her food. She sighed happily and cooled her throat with some iced juice.

"They are a physically weak race, but possess the ability to manipulate space and time. I want to train under them and learn their ways" Sarada admitted.

"They can effect space and time? Do they use ki too? "This discovery was amazing. Bulma never thought such a thing was even possible.

"Of course they do. As I said every living creature possesses ki. One just needs to learn how to use it and a world of possibilities will open itself"

"Ki can manipulate time? "

"I'm not sure "

"But you just said-"

"I know what I said, but I doubt they use ki for such abilities. They are known for their impressive use of spirit control. If one knows how to properly use it they can do a lot without using considerate amounts if not any ki"

"There's more isn't there? Tell me everything you know" the glow in her eyes was one Sarada was very familiar with for it was the same she would get when something sparked her interest

"There are different types of Yardratians" Sarada started now leaned back and staring at the ceiling. "The first Yardrat type are said to be pink with large heads, pointed ears, bulbous eyes, and two whisker-like appendages on the sides of their heads"

"Now that sounds more like an alien"

Sarada chuckled at that. If only Bulma knew of the creatures she could find in space,the unknown amount of planets and species inhabiting them,of their cultures and way of life,their technology and science. Just so very fascinating.

"The second Yardrat type are shorter, lacking ears and having rounder heads and smaller eyes. Their skin tone varies from several different colors, including blue and green apparently" interesting creatures these yardratians are.

"And the third? "

"I never said there were more "

"You didn't have to. The way you spoke was enough to give a hint"

Another chuckle from Sarada and she continued.

"While most Yardratians are weak in raw power level, there is a combat type Yardrat. I don't know much about that one. I do know that this type resembles the first type albeit tall, muscular and dark blue in color" Sarada recounted that from her memories. There has only been reports of one combat type though. If there is one there could be more,right? She was hoping to meet one.

"What else? "Bulma was beyond curious now and had retrieved a note pad to detail Sarada's recounts.

"Well they are all different,but they wear the same type of clothes. And they supposedly have appetites to rival that of a saiyan. That is impressive "

"I don't think I would categorize such a thing as impressive"

Sarada shrugged,not caring much. "To each their own"

"Being generally a weak race,Spirit Control is the primary ability utilized by Yardrats. They are capable of using it for many applications, including Healing, Transportation, Cloning and Gigantification, with everyone on Yardrat being capable of using these abilities"

"Wow really? Is all of this true? "

"It's what I've heard and read" half truth half lie. Yes she had read such things in her last life, but she never heard anyone say anything of the species in her new life.

Sarada continued to tell Bulma everything she knew of the planet and its inhabitants. She didn't know a lot but planned on changing that when she visited the planet.

"Now I want to come too"

"Is that so? " Sarada was making her trek to her ship that had improved in size. It was like a tiny house,having a bed,a fridge,a shower,a training room,basically anything Sarada would need. She made sure to properly thank the old scientist by gifting him with one of her collected items to experiment on. He really helped her out so she made an exception.

"Why do I feel like you're mocking me? "

Sarada hid her smile as she opened and stepped into her ship. She wasn't intending to mock the other. But it was funny none the less.

"You can't come with me"

"Why? "

"It's too dangerous "

"How so? "

"Come now Bulma you're too smart to ask such a stupid question" Sarada faced the other now. It was time to go and Bulma was still in the ship. She may have just offended the scientific genius on top of that.

"Did you just call me stupid? "Bulma glared.

"No I said you are too smart to ask such a stupid question. So I called you smart"

Bulma looked skeptical and Sarada sighed

"Look Bulma I have no idea what the gravity on Yardrat is. It could be higher than that of earth and you can't handle that. Plus there are creatures out there who hunt ships for fun, believe me I speak from experience and the possibility of impacting space rocks are fairly high. Please don't let me go on or we'll be here for some time"

Bulma sighed and nodded in defeat. Sarada was right as she usually was when it came to such things. She might not be able to travel into space at the moment, but she'll do so one day. She'll make sure of it.

"Safe trips" she said as she stepped out of the ship.

"Thanks, see you in a month"

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