At Last I Found You In My World
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At Last I Found You In My World


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What is At Last I Found You In My World

At Last I Found You In My World is a popular web novel written by the author Faysal_Ahmed_5058, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, MODERN, HAREM, COMEDY, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 14.6K readers with an average rating of 4.39/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


He came out of meteorite crash. The world is unknown to him. But there he met her and he found someone he can grow attached. But no one knows his secret, not even her. Will he ever tell her? What will happen to them in the future? *Author Note* This is a project I'm trying out for the competition. If you enjoy it, drop a power stone and I'll keep writing! Vote through power stone and add it to your library, yeah don't forget to write a review too as I'm new and needs guidance from dear readers. Support me at Patreon, Patreon link, https://www.patreon.com/FAYSALAHMED5058


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What an interesting premise. From the synopsis itself I could tell this is a unique story unlike any other. Please give this book a chance and you won't be disappointed. Although I haven't read the book yet, I could see the potential in this book.


I'll give credit to the author for uploading multiple chapters within a day it seems. IN addition, I can see that this novel is doing what it can to present an interesting and cohesive storyline. The ideas are here, although there needs to be some revisions for some parts of the story, which have telling instead of showing. In addition there isn't much to say about the characters or the setting of the novel itself, but I suppose they will be explored later on. Keep on writing author. It's best you double check on your structure of the novel, how sentences flow. Maybe take your time on the chapters and their respective uploads. Good luck.


I like the premise of the story yet I feel like the world building is lacking though this can easily be solved in the coming chapters. The first chapter seemed like an info dump just to get to where the main character is but I guess it was intended this way. The story makes me very curious as to who Ray Tristan is. Some minor lapses in grammar is also present although it is understandable and can easily be fixed. I wish you luck in your upcoming chapters. Keep up the good work.


The premise is interesting and I can see the complexity of the characters and system of the world. There are a few grammatical errors, but other than that this is a promising series.


Hey I like this book very much. Like how you started it. Please keep writing. I am voting you with power stone so hope that you win wpc. I hope you keep the story more fun and descriptive.


Hi ! I love the premise and the characters, i've read stories like these before but the style of romanticism in your book is what strikes me. Kudos to you for uploading so many chapters at one go ! I want you to focus more on- -Descriptives as it helps the reader imagine better -Use ProWriting or Grammarly to correct sentence structures -Provide Character sketches Please just take it as feedback, i will be re reading the novel once again and reviewing once changes are made, its not criticism, its only to help you grow! ^-^


The story has its own interesting twist. It has an intriguing main character and a good plot. In the few chapters i read, the story has a good potential. However, I would suggest working on the sentence structure and some grammar issues to make it more captivating and to improve your storytelling. Keep writing.


This book is a prime example (for me personally) especially from the first two chapters of how as people we take advantage of all the privileges given to us. Thank you for reminding me to be a better person and to look out for other who are in disadvantaged situations


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Really impressed with this one. The author has clearly taken great pains to make sure his book reads well, and it shows quite a lot when reading! Smooth, good grammar, easy to read, very few mistakes. Most of the story so far is the MC dealing with various arrogant thugs and 'dealing' with various women, too. He's much stronger than one might expect, but likes to remain low key. So far, not too much plot, but I think a lot of people would like the slow pace and not mind it very much. It's a good story and I can definitely recommend it to others!


I must confess I have been quite candid while writing this review, more so than I usually would be. This is in the hope to help you progress, rather than to simply song you praise. So with that in mind: While I clearly recognise the effort you take to tell us your story, I find it very difficult to immerse myself. I do not feel invited to read beyond the first few paragraphs. I could account this to two things: firstly, the poor sentence structure and grammar, and secondly, the lack of rhythm. The protagonist himself is engaging, and he has a certain youthful nativity about him that makes him entertaining. Lastly, I wish to bring up the chemistry, which feels very obligatory, and does not thoroughly convince me. I do recognise that this is very hard to write. I hope I did not dissuade you too much and wish you a lot of fun continuing your story.


Pretty good, but has its flaws. Still, it contains a lot of potential. Romance like these are common, but the naming style and ways of writing it is what sets it apart from other similar romances. Although, yes, there are flaws, as I had already mentioned. But good job! Good luck!


I absolutely adore romance novels, and this is one of them. I recommend grammar checking, can't ever be too careful. Other than that, amazing, and keep it up.


The name of the novel suggest it'll be a romantic one, there was not much mistakes in grammar, Kudos to the author for his efforts. Best of luck for the rest of the story.


Like the mysterious premise and it's very engrossing with the main character's interactions while we discover the world with him. Really does make you want to binge read it whenever you have the time.


It's an interesting story , I guess you could put more of the description in the story . And love the rate of your updates !!! I guess there's more . Keep writing !!!


The book is interesting, different in its plot and setting. I love how the mc was introduced although I felt the mountain of information in the first chapter made it confusing, I love the book. Good job author.


This was awesome. Mind blowing awesome. Scroll turner awesome (can't say page). I like your characters and how you describe them. I don't know why but I get the feeling of old traditional english writing style. I think it's just me though. Anyway, you did a splendidly awesome work with this author! I commend you for that! Keep up the good work!


when I read the synopsis, I really didn't a lot out of it. so I began to read the book and now I am hooked. I love the premise and how the characters are designed. there are few grammatical errors, but the author makes it up by the content of the story. wish you luck author[img=recommend]


Story's good so far, hope you don't let down and keep updating frequently. The synopsis looked less common and the eleven chapters have been quite precise.


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