And I Fell in Love
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And I Fell in Love


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What is And I Fell in Love

And I Fell in Love is a popular web novel written by the author Renee, covering Teen genres. It's viewed by 58.2K readers with an average rating of 4.87/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 18 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Life can change at any instance. People around you change and then they change you. This is how a girl's life changed. Chloe moves to a new city to start her college. She starts making new friends and also joins in a new club. How does Chloe change after meeting new people? Will she be able to find herself amongst the strangers? Will she meet someone close to her heart? Read to find out.

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Novel 👌 Enthusiasm is created what is the 9th chapter. Eagerly waiting for that. All the eight chapters were well written. All the very best for upcoming chapters.


Must read story. I really liked the story so far and enthusiastic to learn what is going to happen in Chloe's life. I want to see how the story turns out in the end. This is a story which I wish to read again and again. Keep up the good work author.


The characters are pretty well designed and it was captivating to read. The novel is very clear and convincing to the readers. It was a great read, good job! keep it up!


Hey author, keep up the good work..!! I'm really like your story Nd I'm seriously recommending it to all the people I know... Nd I really suggest everyone who sees my review to check this story out... I know you won't be disappointed..!! Nd ha ... I'm waiting for an update author.. hope I can see it soon.


The novel was very well written, it was a beautiful decision for choosing this genre. The world background and synopsis were extremely engaging, and fun to read! keep it up, author!


Awesome... will be a small word, to describe the flow of the story as well the character design, though I am no more in my teens, this work is making me feel the ****y tiny butterfly somersaults as I am going deeper with the characters as well as the plot. Good work author, keep going, Eagerly waiting for the further chemistry between the two ;) and your future works as well.


Wow. The first two chapters are 🔥. I’m in love with chloe already. I love the idea, theme and background of the story. It is well written in a good quality of English. I totally recommend this book. Keep it up author 💪💪💪💪


అధ్భుతం... అవును నిజంగానే చాలా చక్కగా ప్రతీ పాత్ర ను ఎంతో అందం గా మలిచారు. మాటల్లేవ్.... అధ్భుతం great. English లో మిమ్మల్ని పోగడటానికి పదాలు సరిపోవు.


I really think everyone would like this narration. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter........ I really want to see, How she can handle Ken and Ash???????


It's an amazing story ,the love the characterization . Very simple in style. Your way of writing the story is more than excellent .all the best, keep going


Never been this eager for a chapter or to see the development that takes place in a character, this is a well developed story that creates enthusiasm and instigates curiosity among the readers. Good work author, waiting eagerly for the next chapters 😉


I am dipping myself in the story and I am thinking about Ken🥰. Author is visualising the characters in a wonderful manner. Waiting for the next chapter.


Although the writer didn't wrote much details to further give their readers a hint to what the characters actually look like. the overall chapters written in the book is still fun to read. there might be a few grammar issues but nothing too noticable, in the end I liked reading this book and I'm a bit intrigued to know more about Chloe's life in the next update.


Excellent! Love how the story is building up .The characters and story quality makes it a very good read✨🌟. Keep up the great work🔥👏.#WaitingForUpcomingChapters.


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