The School Prince is My Beloved Pet Book

novel - Teen

The School Prince is My Beloved Pet


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“Hey cute boy! Get some orange juice for me! " Gabby ordered Michael. Without a word Michael immediately got up from where he was sitting. At first Gabby doesn't like Michael very much - he spoke too softly, he was too slim, his skin was too white and his face was too pretty. No wonder Michael is being chased by girls at his school. Imposible to be a friend, even to be engaged with him. But somehow Michael always followed and obeyed all of Gabby's orders. Meanwhile, Gabby is the most tomboyish girl in the world. No matter how beautiful or how popular the other girls are after him, Michael looks like a kitten following his mother wherever Gabby goes. Rumors have sprung up, speculation regarding what magic Gabby used to ensnare Michael? How could the handsome prince of the school be willing to be a pet and carry out all of Gabby's orders?


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