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Powered up by karma is a popular web novel written by the author daphneanmarcia, covering ACTION, WEAK-STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, WEBNOVEL SPIRITY AWARDS SPRING, TOMBOYISH FEMALE LEAD, REVENGE>LOVE TRIANGLE>COMEDY>A, Teen genres. It's viewed by 32.3K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 71 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Life wasn’t easy for me but I managed to live . But I wasn’t ready to face anything in light until I felt comfortable in darkness . My aim in life is simple , all I want is revenge , I was weak but I am not always weak.


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Me, as a new reader loved it. I love these mysterious stories. Most of the gangster stories are based on male leads but I loved how you chose female and KIDS... I could relate this story because it is about a **** girl. I noticed some grammar error but for your age it is splendid. By each chapter your grammar is improving too. I think I am in love with Noah author 😅.


Sis, you gotta check that grammar and do some thorough editing. The story is very intriguing. I also like the way the main characters were explained before but you missed out jenny. Other than that the story is nice and I have added it to my library as well.


Intriguing and enrapturing! I could relate to and understand Dazzle, her struggles and the wrongs done to her. Revenge isn't an healthy path in life but I can enjoy a good book centered around it.


Most awesome book ever The thriller was at peak Everyday I come to check if u posted next chapter. Nice work All the best U r doing good


Is it weird I find this story...relatable? Ah, never mind. I loved this story though. Hopefully more chapters can be posted, I'm excited to read them as soon as they get released. [img=update]


This novel is extremely intriguing, the title is catchy, and I can't believe I found this book only today. Kudos to the author. [img=recommend]


The hell is this story I didn't expect it to be this exciting. I thought of it as a romantic story, but boi I was wrong. The lines things were a good twist. I can't wait to read more. Please continue.


this litterally got me hooked! very good story! i would recommend this to anybodu who will ask me which story i read is amazing! i would definitely add this to my collection!


I don't see any problems there and all. But, the small things like good grammar (e.g. stop points and captials etc) should be checked. These stuff could get new readers to turn away thinking that 'oh, it has bad grammar so the next chapters going to be bad or something' but that's my opinion. Good Work!


The world background description is superb. The scenes are well described and written. The characters are nicely done. Great job author, keep up the good work 🤗


The storyline and the blurb is great! It will make you hooked up to the first chapter of it! Revenge is the best part, but it is a dangerous thing to do really! Great job!


Well, your storyline is superb. I loved it. The process’s kind of obscure and a touch of thriller. I liked reading it. The chapters look impressive. Suggested to everyone. Suggestions which I would like to address is, firstly, make your paragraphs a little quick. Prolix paragraphs make readers misplace their interest. Secondly, seek to write more dialogues that don't conduct everything in paragraphs. When a reader reads the dialogue with a small classification of how it is maintained, the reader can visualize individually and all dialogue. Thirdly, write explanatory paragraphs, like how the school of Dazzle looked like or how she looked like. Characterization is necessary for a novel. Try to explain the person and place to make readers visualize them. Fourthly, don't leave a space between a word and punctuation. That is all I want to answer… All the fittest for your forthcoming chapters.


Well, your storyline is superb I liked it. The way it is kind of mysterious and a bit of thriller I liked reading it. The chapters seem interesting. Recommended to everyone. Suggestions which I would like to give is, firstly, make your paragraphs a bit short. Lengthy paragraphs make readers lose their interest. Secondly, try to write more dialogues don't convey everything in paragraphs. When a reader reads the dialogue with a small description of how it is said, the reader can visualize each and every dialogue. Thirdly, write descriptive paragraphs, like how the school of Dazzle looked like or how she looked like. Description of is necessary for a novel. Try to describe the person and place to make readers visualize them. Fourthly, don't leave a space between a word and punctuation. That is all I want to say.. All the best for your upcoming chapters :)


it was a nice story of a poor girl,facing many problems all together in a city which doesn't allow girls with much freedom. oops i shouldn't give spoilers, you guys have a look at it, it's a good story with little errors.


Pretty nice intro to your book! Be sure you write more everyday! Your descriptions is quiet well too! Must sure to change up the beginning of sentences


Reveal spoiler


Intriguing, this book is so very interesting. The title is what hooked me in the first place, and kudos to the author for writing such a wonderful book[img=recommend]


Nice work author, there were some grammar errors but your book was really captivating! Keep writing and Don't give up! I like the way you explain the characters and stuff!!!!


I do honest reviews. Always. So, sorry if you feel bad. I really liked the story. It had a feel that the middle aged century was brought into a modern world story. The struggles of a young girl living a life in the shadows of the males. I love the concept. But i am pretty dissatisfied by the grammar. I, as a new reader and writer, look for the grammar and vocabulary first. Vocabulary was on point but the grammar needs to be edited thoroughly.


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