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Not a Choice


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Born with a beautiful face, intelligence above average, and existing liked by many people is not always a guarantee to make life filled with happiness and always get love from everyone. That's what a 17-year-old girl, Nadia Arsa Wijaya's feels. The beautiful girl has a very kind and polite personality to anyone, but all of that makes her hated by the people around her including her stepsister and even her biological father as well. However, since the arrival of a teenage boy named Rafandra Mahardika, everything has changed. Rafa made Nadia realize that only one can determine the future without the intervention of others. Nadia, who originally always received all the harsh treatment from her stepbrother, began to dare to fight against her. Will Nadia turn things around because of Rafandra? Or does Rafa's presence make Nadia's life worse? Read more here... :) Story'by : Wintermyne Art by : Pinterest


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