A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress)
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A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress)


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What is A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress)

A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) is a popular web novel written by the author Innovation, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, GAME ELEMENTS, EVOLUTION, WEAK TO STRONG, EVIL PROTAGONIST, NO HAREM, ANIMAL PROTAGONIST, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 3.7M readers with an average rating of 4.29/5 and 215 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 158 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Sometimes your time to die has come, and sometimes stupid gods are the reason. For Marc Cassidy, it was the latter. Fortunately for him, he got another chance to live in another world, away from Earth. In the bargain of that chance, he got one of the most awesome cheat ability available, a RPG like system. On the other hand, the goddess he scammed turn him into the worst of the worst creature, a rat. Of course for this petty act, Marc is humble and forgiving. He will not take revenge, he will just try to be powerful enough to repay that favor. In the meantime, how can a system help him survive and grow stronger in a strange fantasy world? Currently, looking for an editor to correct my chapters. And finally, you will be able to enjoy real chapters cleanly written.


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If you find any error, either grammatical or lexical, feel free to say it in the comments. English is not my main language and i still make mistake. Anyway talking about this novel, yes it has a system ability, yes it would be weak to strong, no the MC will not be utterly stupid, no he will not save people but hide and not tell that it's him that save them, harem will probably won't happen or at least won't be "find good-looking woman next to strong opponent, beat opponent, woman fall magically in love with the MC". This novel is supposed to be funny but still realistic so yes sometimes plot-armor-san will make his appartion but he will get kicked away very quickly. About the MC, he will be more sneaky and cunning than ruthless and savage. I mean he already had that mentality in his human life he will keep it. Next, i will try to not make the whole world stupid, except the gods, nearly all of them will be beyond redemption. About the world, it will be the basic fantasy world, you have the human race, elf, dwarf, lich, undead, lizardmen, beastmen (with different species). Magic will be more important than technologies except for dwarves, gobelins and ratmen. Next the rate of chapter, i will probably post 1-2 chapter daily, if i don't do it you can spam the 1 star review.


Ratmen Villain spreading doom and death in another world. What more would you want? 10/10 will cause apocalypse again. Author-san I humbly suggest you ask one of your readers if you can't find anyone, to be your proof-reader/editor. It will make your story so much more better. Thank you!


Yesyes...s-story good. Full of promising RPG system and shinnies. Goddess turn m-me, the great one, into Skavennnnn. W-wrong she is and when I control the underempire and the world of man-things, she will gladly become my toy as I r-rule everything, yesyes...


This novel is litral diamond Story is goid , very promising Mc may come as a guy with some of his screws loose, Mc can be best described in one word by merging three 'WOW' 'fabulous' 'noscrewstoloose' Ahem And Author is probably one of the best original authors rn and possibly will always be No scratch that , he will always be one the best here I can't recommend reading this enough


Stories don't have to be best selling novels with perfect diction. They don't have to use literary elements to the upmost expertise. The character building and development don't have to be perfect, and the interactions between those characters don't need to be flawless. This story is a mesh of lots of goods that come together to create a great story. A story isn't all about what it excels at, or what it lacks in. Similar to people, a story is a sum of all of its parts, and "A Rattling Monster" is the perfect example of a great story created by introducing lots of good points. The main character is funny and while easy to predict, and even a bit cringey, is still fun to see run about. The story is incredibly enjoyable to read despite the little things everyone will find they might not like in comparison to something else they may have enjoyed. I have said this a few times before, but originality is hard to come by these days, so it is up to the authors to take those seemingly cliche ideas and put their spins on them. They may even choose to just write the cliche so well it becomes magnificent for what it is and not the plot devices it seems to follow. "A Rattling Monster" is a story about an MC turned rat and his progression in the poisonous and otherwise deadly arts. There is comedy splashed in with lots of action and death for the glory of our rat god (MC). The plot development is nice, and while the characters are a bit lacking, it really isn't much do fret about. I always see people complaining about how ridiculous a story is because of minor things like character interactions not being good enough because in their eyes it must be equal to award winning performances, and I never truly understand how that can be a turn off for someone. If you are one of those people then leave right now and don't even affiliate yourself with this story because it is far from perfect. That said, despite it being far from perfect, who ever said a story must be perfect to be heavily enjoyed? I love this story and I will continue to follow it as it goes on. It is definitely worth a read, and you'll probably get hooked within the first 15 or so chapters as you get a feel for just who the MC is and how the story progresses. Give it a read, you'll probably not regret it. It won't soak up much of your time either so even if you begin to dislike it, at least it will not soak up too much of your time before you realize you'd rather find another story.


Invest in a grammar checker, like Word or something it would improve the flow considerably because currently it feels jumbled up and hard to read. Story doesn’t seem bad though.


Terrible grammar, makes it painful to read, super duper painful, i want to cry it is so bad, don't know how anyone can even read this, please mr.author it isnt that hard to fix


Not sure where all the 5-stars are coming from, but the story is decent. The writing quality is pretty bad. It's written more in the style of a semi-literate RPG found on some web forums than an actual story. Story narration happens in parenthesis which just throw you out of the story with a small montage style bit of information that could have easily been incorporated into the actual story itself instead of breaking the immersion. Dialogue is usually on prefaced with a dash (-) instead of quotation marks (") making them appear as more of a bullet-point presentation instead of actual dialogue. Descriptions are a bit lacking giving only really a bare-bones picture. Updates are good at the pace they are coming, no qualms here. If the story quality improves The story itself is promising and while over-done could really carry some weight if the writing quality improves. The character designs need a bit of work. While it may just be a problem with the writing not being descriptive enough, I don't really get a sense for any character personality aside from the MC and the initial interaction with the Goddess. The world building is weak. I can't really get a sense for where in the world the MC is, not for any interconnectedness between environments. This might just be because there are too few chapters to make any real connections yet (some stories need quite a while to really link places together). All in all, it's not too bad, but it could be better, mostly if the writing quality improves.


Off all the original work that i have read so far, this novel is considered one the best. I see all the good things in a webnovel that I like ... 1. MC not that overpower, not that stupid and a bit funny (in a way). 2. A cheat or a system that help progress the MC .. not a cheat that give him god like power (up until chapter 23 9f course) 3. Good background story .. not too complicated 4. Character leveling that really help makes the story interesting.. Keep it up sir ...


Reveal spoiler


Author deleted my review 4 times only cuz he didnt want low rating. Author deleted my review 4 times only cuz he didnt want low rating. Author deleted my review 4 times only cuz he didnt want low rating.


Loving this story greatly. Has some misspelling of a word or two or miss use every now and then, but still is very much an enjoyable story.


The writing quality could be improved. A proofreader and editor would fix most of the mistakes. The world is set up well and believable but the main character seems to be the only person that matters. It's like everyone else is a npc. Their lives are meaningless and their suffering is really just entertainment for the readers and not really a plot element. The author could easily have the mc use poison to kill wolves instead of orphans for exp.


Comedy? Check Rebirth? Check Magic? Check A MC with more then one loose screw, gray morals and the body of a rat? Che.. What? Killing of not only man, but children and woman too? Including hate for sand.. Check! Great story, way better than the usual 'super strong villian mc' storys.


I read the first few chapters and I couldn't continue. There are some grammatical mistakes that I don't mind as much as others, but the author seems a bit lazy. I didn't like the fact that it skips describing many things. It just is like xxx happened and then xxx happened. It doesn't really describe in detail how the character is feeling or where it happened or how it happened. At the start when the lich was fighting the humans, the attacks or anything else were not described in detail. It was just boom the lich is dead now. All in all, nice story, but more description would be nice.


Reveal spoiler


Bruh the ending is it really just until chap 158 such a cliff hanger or maybe i just want more but awsome story anyways like the plot but needs moderation especially for some new readers like my friend i let him read this story."he ain't a reader though" so he doesn't understand some basic fantasy story fundamentals but yeah nice story just frustrated with the ending


One of the best books with an insane/maniacal MC. Great story development and it made me laugh quite a lot of times. The ending is meh, but overall this book is awesome.


wtf is that ending at least make something acceptable , it just didn't meet level the whole story Such a good read it was until tha part ...... disappointed Worth a read until the end Such potential wasted


Imagine Warhammer and a reincarnation novel mixed into each other with a system to top it off. The world contains races like Elves, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Djinns, Humans, Dwarves and Demons just to name a few. It begins with a war happening between the humans and the demons, your average isekai or reincarnation novel. However it puts a twist on things by changing the mc into a rat, similar to other system novels he evolves from a rat to 'ratmen' (Skaven). Although there are some minor spelling mistakes, reading it isn't that hard and the updates are frequent. However if i am to mention something its the fact that characters and monsters alike are not described well, or at all. For example it says Dwarves are small, but it doesn't tell me much other than that. As I am only on chapter 28 it may become more detailed later, but I don't know right now. Overall its a pretty good novel with a well built background and a stead development however character descriptions are rather limited.


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