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Chronicles from the Book's World

William Trey is a writer. While he never published a book, he had written of a vast world, filled with wonders, and created thousands of tales to accompany that world. William was at a turning point. Things were finally going right with his life, and what's more, it was almost time for Christmas. And then he died. But how? He hadn't finished his book. But why? Things were just starting to look up. The pity of a god, the opening of a gate, and the disappearance of a city. One boy, one wish, and one idea so vast even gods admired it. A world, far beyond anything seen before. A world many will not return from. The world beyond the pen and the paper, given life by lines of ink and divine intervention. [Inspired but not copied from 'The Novel's Extra', 'That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime', and the Final Fantasy Franchise]

Z_Story · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Legend of the Scholarly Celestial

Jasmine Fenisid and Isabelle Neirton, two lost souls with vast knowledge and no memories, awake, along with a third soul, within the body of a young girl named Olivia Sympan. These three souls live as one in a world governed by the Great Dao, writhe with strange energies and mysterious powers, where mighty beasts and arcane tombs lay hidden around every corner, and vast empires and secluded sects rule Surrounded at all times by chilling mysteries and cruel plots, the trio-in-one do their best to accomplish their goals and survive in this grand world of mystery and might. Whether they seek knowledge or power, war or peace, everything or nothing, they will carve their path through the world of cultivation and rise above all others, for all the world's deepest secrets are laid bare for them and them alone to see. With sects and kingdoms to deal with every step of the way, and 4 siblings, each with their own gifts, to avoid, Olivia has her work cut out for them. [Inspired by but not copied from 'My Senior Brother is Too Steady', 'Song of the Sky Walkers', and another book whose name I cannot recall.]

Z_Story · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings