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Ares Game: War is Scheme

Sebastian and Rezel are two teenagers with no problem who both study at the same history university. Both passionate about military history, these two friends complement each other although they disagree on certain points. However Rezel finds his daily life boring to the point of wishing to want to reincarnate in a world at war where he can experience what the ideal life is according to his fantasm. Things that Ares the god of war will answer by making him die before bringing him back to the Duchy of Elysion with only one goal. Create a Hyge that will bring High power to the god of war. Except that he intends to enjoy his life as Count's son in this new world.

Darwin15 · War&Military
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Jiang Ying Yue who was always a free-spirited girl looking forward to life which shows her a beautiful world beyond her imagination... unexpectedly in her smooth life, two persons will come to a stage to ask who she really needs and to continue the rest of her life with her. Will she choose one among those two important people in her life..will she give second chance to her first love or be with another one with whom she saw the life with a different vision...

pravikk · Fantasy Romance