The Imperfect Second Male Lead (English) Book

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The Imperfect Second Male Lead (English)


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Love to Ursilla, a novel written by Liera and successfully distributed, has reaped a lot of profits. Many pros and cons occur among readers regarding the main character in the novel. Liera is a writer who loves to torture the female lead and get her bad luck before leading a happy life with the male lead. Liera is just a teenage girl who occupies a vocational school and will turn 16 years old in May. However, one day Liera did not expect that her careless actions made her transmigrate into the novel she wrote. Unfortunately, Liera becomes Ursilla dà Victoria, the Crown Princess of the Victoria Kingdom and the lover of Morgan, the playboy who always hopes for Ursilla's death. Liera never liked Morgan, the male lead in the novel Love to Ursilla. She prefers the second male lead, Antares, a pathetic man who is willing to give his life to save Ursilla from the brink of death due to Morgan's orders. As a result, Antares died bringing his love which he had not had the chance to convey to Ursilla. Liera wanted to change the story line she wrote and prevent Antares's death. Nor would she be the lover of an asshole like Morgan who wished for her death. However, the struggle was not as easy as she thought. Because there is someone who always gets in the way of changing the story line. *** Cover is mine, by anaa.ini You can contact me on: Instagram: lidiacntys10 Discord: LidiaCntys10#7888 My other novels: - I Will Get You Back, Young Master! (English) [ Book 2 ] - Dear Angkasa : My Pet Boyfriend (English) - The Mafia Queen : Trapping A Man Who Phobias With Women [ Book 1 ] You can read both books separately. For now, the second book has been uploaded early.


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