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Died at 20

Died at 20

There are recent, about a lot, missing posts and suicides, and homicides going on and about in Manila, this winter. Common and most overlooked similarities, are the victims are in their 20's. Most of their deaths were masked- the true cause is more horrifying than world had ever yet known. There are demons who abduct extraordinarily beautiful women from the human world making them their wife. Taking them by force, and in perfect disguise. Insert, Sam. A pessimistic, apathetic, rude, loner who'd long lost any interest in love. So beauty is not guaranteed. For years she had not taken care of her looks nor care how she acts. Because for what point? She's eager to spend her life alone. Yet, she is, by an epic incident, drifted to another world, and mistooken as the demon's bride. Will her perspective in life change after dying? Will she will want to return home even after unexpectedly falling in love with the notorious, pure vile guy, the demon?

ImNamiDdragon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings