Reincarnation Of The Strongest Spirit Master Book

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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Spirit Master


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*** LIMITED TIME OFFER: During this month, all the priv come with 99% discount. That means the price of each chap = 1 coin only. See what priv suits you the best and enjoy such discount :) Don't forget to share out your thought using comments, reviews, and support the novel with stones and golden tickets. Happy new year to all :))) ________________________________ After getting killed on the hands of the mighty nine-tailed fox monster, William found himself twenty years back in time. At this time, he was a worthless kid, without spirit and weak spirit power. He worked as a porter in a famous academy, serving other disciples for living. But the one who returned back in time knew this wasn't the end of the world. William had ways unknown to many. So he'll train and get stronger, turning himself into the strongest spirit master in the world. Starting from such low point, he started his long journey towards being a real powerhouse. Despite using all his past life knowledge, he would be still faced with many challenges in the academy and in the world. Yet William will conquer them all. His main goal will be to not just be something in this world, but to grow beyond the limits he reached before in his past life. He wanted to get better prepared for the hideous and deadly enemy that killed him; the nine-tailed fox monster. In such world and time, he got many years to train and scheme for his revenge. He would never allow the past failure to be repeated once again. Join William's journey towards pinnacle and see how he crushes everyone else. ___________________________________________ It's written in UK English. Release rate: 3 up to 6 chaps per day.


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