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A Girl Like Violet

Violet’s mother was brutally murdered before her at a young age, this memory still haunts her. Then, she got kidnapped and sold of as a slave to the coldest bloodthirsty man in all the kingdom, how will her life continue? Violet Do you know what the most annoying word on the planet is? “Love” is the most annoying word on the planet to me. Love, huh? What is love? That word is not in my dictionary, it doesn’t exist in my world. It’s unfamiliar to me. Hate is my best friend, emptiness is my home, heartless is me. Say you hate me, say I’m a curse, say you want me dead, just please don’t say you love me. I hate love, I hate everyone, I will never love. Mostly, I hate men, them nasty vile creatures. I wish they could extinct from this world. Unfortunately, that's not impossible. What a curse! Sebastian Who dare rebel against my authority? No one. Who despises me? No one. They all admire me. They all fear and respect me. I've got it all. The money, the appearance, and the talent. Girls are waiting to climb my bed, not that I'm surprise. I'm tall, handsome, smart, and noble. I'm the perfect guy. Girls chase after me. I chase them away. I could get them whenever I want. No one can withstand my charm. I make guys fall for me. Girls who liked girls, fell in love with me. I'm in control. Some people whispered behind my back saying I'm arrogant and spoiled. Of course, they couldn't say it in front of me. I do what I want, who dares limit me? No one. Who dare revolt against me? No one. Anyone who wants to challenge me, come forward right now! For I'm very impatient.

creattiveone_BG · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Reincarnation - No Mercy

Fuglies211 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings