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✒️"The girl Boss"and Kim Seokjin(fan-fiction)

✒️"The girl Boss"and Kim Seokjin(fan-fiction)

~Miyeon is a splendid and vivacious young lady who's at long last in her first year in her new school. She's very energised for the new school year since now she'll at long last be isolated from her irritating cherished companion, Kim Seokjin, an attractive and astute person. As destiny would have it, she finds that they are, truth be told, still in a similar class. Crushed, she incubates an arrangement to grab the class president title from her in any case immaculate beloved companion/foe. Silliness results as she attempts to explore school existence with her assorted gathering of cohorts alongside Kim Seokjin's. Will cherish at long last drag into the hearts of this feline and-canine relationship?~

MAIa · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings