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In Love With Three Men

A busy "leftover" woman, Rae, agrees to help trying out a handsome, human-like robot assistant but must keep this as a secret for two very attractive bachelor CEOs-- They are partners in creating this realistic robot, but after they unexpectedly meet Rae, they become rivals who are both interested in Rae. The handsome human-like robot assistant is supposed to help her in this love triangle, but even he is competing for Rae's love among his own creators. Who should Rae choose? Meanwhile, someone seems to have a plot against Rae. Who could that be? ***Author Note*** Another app is trying to sign this story. If you'd like this story to stay, vote with power stones & add to library. THANK YOU!!! :-) My personal page buymeacoffee.com/pageturner

Choyee_Lin ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings