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Imprisoned By Mistakes

Something had always kept the handsome Allarick Hemsworth at the edge with pretty Daisy. But never for once had it ever crossed her naive mind that the guy who took pleasure in watching her get humiliated in high school, had something more vicious cooking in the core of his mind from the day one in college. A year was all it took for Daisy's perception of a man to change in the worst way possible. The cloak shielding her from the world of darkness had been ripped ruthlessly by no other than Allarick himself. He had vowed to take her through the darkest tunnel of despair, with hands tied and eyes blinded from the truth of her actions printed on the walls of her nightmare. Being a man of spontaneous decisions, Allarick had it all easy... that is until his heart began to churn at the mockery of his tongue and the games of his hands. And something began stabbing his soul... There's only one rule when it comes to the game of love and hate: don't let your deeds get to you! But quite often it's learnt the hard way that no matter what, Torture Always Tortures The Torturer...

Black_Bells_01 ยท Contemporary Romance
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