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What is Purple Romance

Purple Romance is a popular web novel written by the author Purplebride, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, MODERN, CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, SWEET LOVE STORY, FIRST_LOVE, SLOW-BURNING ROMANCE, NO SERIOUS MISUNDERSTANDING, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 854.4K readers with an average rating of 4.55/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 247 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"This is a dream. Since it is a dream, let me at least savour it a little more''. "If you are done checking me out, can I open my eyes now? Is hard pretending to be asleep when you keep touching me like that, Miss Lee''. Ad-Din said and opened his eyes. Maria Portia Lee graduated at the top of her class in the University at the age of 22 years and landed her first job as a teacher at a prestigious senior high school in their town. On her first day, she found herself falling for a final year student boy. Been a novice at love, coupled with family problems she decides to ignore the feelings that only grew stronger by the day. An unfortunate accident leaves Maria Portia Lee running to another city and her teaching license revoked. After 8 years, Maria didn't expect that the first person she would meet after returning to Cosmos town will be the same boy she used to love and there was just one problem, he wasn't a boy anymore but a man, a man that still made her heart to feel a lot of emotions and the worse part was, he was now her boss. Their roles have been exchanged totally. Ad-Din finally found the woman he had waited for, for 8 years and wasn't about to let anyone get in his way of making her his woman. Will their love story continue from where they left off? Will they be able to find happiness this time around? Purple Romance II Paige Payin is juggling between her school and work as a Queen in part-time working with good star ratings but the time she has left is used to fantasizes about her crush but all that changes when she meets bad boy Jordan Attoh and soon their bickering turns into something more but will their new found feelings stand the test of time when the culprit of all Paige's predicament turns out to be Jordan's own Father's selfishness? This book contains series of different love stories that stand the test of time. PS: Book cover does not belong to me. All credits go to the original owner. Please add this lovely book to your library and support me with power stones. catch me on discord, let's chat: @Purplebride #4135.


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To all the readers...... Don't hesitate just go for it... You will love it..... The novel is well graphed, well written and characters are absolutely stunning. It will give you all the emotions... Support the author.... And his /her excellent work 😍👌👏😘


This story is like my perfect cup of tea. I have got really addicted to the story.. I couldn't help but always awaits for new chapters. The novel is in a good flow and the Dear Author is Showering us with Different Heart fluttering love stories 😍🥰🥰 Ad-din and Maria story: Author has beautifully raise everyday emotions, Society's old thinking patterns, bonding between couples in this volume. Paige and Jordan story: This volume has just freshly started and I'm already hooked to the story if the new couple ❤💕💕 Your writing style is magnificent Author Purplebride 💗


Where do I start? A romance between an older woman and a younger man? A reunion? These are always my favorite kind of books to read and this just it. I love the story and how it flows. Author makes my heart flutter with the details and all that lovey dovey scenes. Don't hesitate to grab this book cos is just too good.


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This story is good. Just started and is good. Author needs to update more please. If you want something different than the usual stories then this book is for you.


hey author jus got here by chance bt u must it's a nice story, I be reading n now fully intetestd till d end of it. .lookin forward good work author




Hi everyone and thanks for giving this book a chance. This book is in two parts. The first one is about the FL and the second is about her friend but all under Purple Romance series. I hope you enjoy reading it.


I'm here again after reading your first novel, love the psycho. This is a much lighter and fluffy romance novel. It reminds me of my crush back when I was doing community service at a school in my country. I love the three couples and their unique way of communicating.


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Reveal spoiler


When I started the book, I was a little hesitant about the book (not even because of the story or anything, I'm just a huge grammar police) but I'm really glad I stuck through with it. You get to see some real character development and some really touching moments through the book. Main point: Give it a try


What can I say about this kind of love story, I was wondering how the ending would be? It's really hard to keep up with the age you know, but the age is just a number and should not be considered all the time!


I loved the start intro, typical classroom set up ,don't want to spoil it for anyone...so.. I have recommended this book to my younger sister ,coz it's definitely her taste. It's not mine but I gotta say I enjoyed the first s chapters still reading some more.


I enjoyed reading this story. For me, everything was just simply beautifully written. I was hooked and could not stop reading chapter by chapter. I had no plans to write a review but this story deserves a shout-out for having a great plot and intriguing flow. Must-read!




To all the readers...... Don't hesitate just go for it... You will love it..... The novel is well graphed, well written and characters are absolutely stunning. It will give you all the emotions... Support the author.... And his /her excellent work 😍👌👏😘 I agree


I already gave a Review for the first story, now my next review is for the second story. I absolutely love this one because of the banter and bickering of the main leads. There is no wicked step sister or cheating boyfriend just fluffy moments that will get your heart fluttering. You will love the leads and wish them happiness. Author, you're doing a great job.




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