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Romance Of Flame And Ice


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What is Romance Of Flame And Ice

Romance Of Flame And Ice is a popular web novel written by the author prettydimple, covering ROMANCE, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, LOVE TRIANGLE, WAR, HATRED, FANTASY-CULTIVATION WORLD, BEAUTIFUL FEMALE-LEAD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 149.1K readers with an average rating of 4.55/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 222 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Do you really hate me that much?" tears flowed out of her eyes seeing the cold gaze in his eyes, devoid of any feeling and emotion. "I do, I don't just hate you but I wish you would just disappear, away from my sight, away from this world just like you came," he brushed her hands away from his sleeve and turned to walk away. She broke into a peal of hysterical laughter. "Then why did you save me?" "Right...why did I save you," he stopped for a moment but he continued walking away without turning to look at her. She had no will to live. "Since you hate me so much then I will disappear from your sight, from this world," she slowly took steps back until she reached the end of the cliff. "Bye," she smiled with her tears flowing to the side of her face as she fell down the cliff, he stopped when his side glance caught the edge of her dress, he turned back in horror. "No!!" ................ What if the man you love loathes you to the point where he wouldn't care if you die right in front him, you live in the same palace but you are always scared to look him in the eye unlike before when he used to care about you, every single detail. This is the plight of Huo Yu Yan. The novel tells the story of the love between a partially amnesiac general surgeon and a military surgeon who would rather gain her heart again than force her to remember their past, he chooses to be her present. After getting the happiness they have always yearned for, she ends up going into a coma where her soul is combined with the soul of the young mistress of the flame sect who is also at the verge of death. But only one of them can survive, the moment one remembers what she is not supposed to remember, she dies. He used up his only chance to save the woman he loves but he ended up saving another woman instead, seeing her smile with a face that is not hers and act carelessly with a body that doesn't belong to her, he loathed the sight of her. To join the discord server for this novel: https://discord.gg/d5MPSyZV

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It's quite a smooth read if you asked me. There's also quite a lot of chapters. A nice light read. Please keep it up. May the author write more, edit more, enjoy more, learn more, and maybe earn more.


I love how this book revolves around something that not everyone can write about. I obviously have not read all the chapters but as far as I got to, I feel like its gonna be a really good story. There are a few names that should be capitalized and what not but it's not noticeable. The author did good :)


Reveal spoiler


This is an interesting story with a good plot. I enjoy the characters but for some reason, I feel as if I don't understand them or know them enough, When I read the first sentence of the novel I became interested immediately, but then I saw some grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. We all make mistakes and my goal is to not harp on you about it, but I feel like the story will garner more attention and flow better. I've noticed how you will sometimes captilize names and then don't. Besides these problems, I do enjoy this story, but with some more work, I'll love it! Keep up the work authornim, you nice keep going!


At the request of the dear author - prettydimples, I have added this book in my library and checked it out for a review. Here's my take on your first work. Long comment below. Overall its a decent novel with some slice of life with the leads that would transfer to another world. However, for me who do not care for too much details thinks that the chapters could be shorter and details reduced. Reason, I speed read/skip the details and get bored easily when I do not think it adds to the chapter or the story. A reader must feel entertained, I'm reading the chapter but as it get longer - I'm wondering when does it end or what's the aim. e.g. The other world - there is the backgrouind in which- there are 4 kingdoms, fire being the weakest, the queen gave birth to twins one being more powerful than the other, only the mother has the ability to withstand her power. To protect his kingdom & people the fire king made a deal with the wind kingdom with the more powerful twin being a hostage. The wind kingdom found out to their demise her power and negotiated a new deal with fire kingdom that the child would stay with her family until she reaches 5 years with her mother to guide her. The girl at age 5 was imprisoned in a cave by the wind kingdom. The FL somehow has a connection with this twin from the other world. That's a quick summary of what I got from the chapter which was pretty long. The aim of the author is to give the reader a background introduction of what is to come. There is also grammar issues with redundant sentences, but I'm uusally light on that because as long as I understand the gist of it, I'll brush it off. But these sentences add to the unnecessary lengthening & no value of the chapter. Am I into the novel - I would say no but thats not because it lacks potential, its just that I'm not invested in the characters as yet and its too early to say. The story does have potential, but its not that entertaining so far, my emotions are not there, I read it because its okay. Would I recommend this story to others - I'm not sure, its a matter of personal taste, but this story will remain in my library for now. I may give a 2nd review after reading more. My disappoitnment is that at the end of each chapter prettydimples is sincerely requesting that readers and reviewers give their comments on the chapters or paragraphs as its a way to encourage her become a better writer and gets none. That's not right, especially if you review it and gave it 4+ stars. I say to be sincere - do that as a form of thank you. If you found the chapter fun - say so, boring - say why, actions of certain characters- questionable - respond. Prettydimples cannot write in solo as she need the support of her readers to show sincerity/courtesy. Its your duty as readers to talk to the author - even with a thanks for the chapter when you have nothing much to say or have language issues. I make it a point to give comment to a story that I've reviewed, even a chapter or paragraph. If I don't like the story - I would say so in both the review or the chapter and my intentions to keep or dump. For stories that I review, I try to be objective and honest as possible to the author as a form of sincerity. Prettydimples, this is your first novel so your efforts although presently seem thankless and frustrating will make you stronger if it is your goal to become a better writer and its what you love to do. Think about what is it you want to tell the reader about yourself as an author in your story, what makes you laugh, would it make others laugh with you or be entertained. If its a yes, then write it. Do mot follow the status quo in telling the typical translated novels with 1000+ chapters of copy and paste and a whole lot of tropes out there. Be original in telling your story. By the way, I rarely complete those stories unless I am having fun at each chapter which is not often. There are a lot of newbie writers here who go through what you do. It a journey that each of you have to take. You are in the discovery and learning mode. With your first novel just have fun and learn with it. After that, anything is possible. Take care.


Reveal spoiler


Theres a lot of chapters here so i haven't read everything, but from what I read so far I got to say we got some good stuff here! The Author does a great job with his characters, the dialogue and the descreptions, it is good as it keeps the readers (me at least) engaged. Like i said theres a lot of chapters and I haven't read it all, but I will read the rest, so keep going Author!


I've not managed to read it all yet, but so far, it's been amazing! It's honestly quite standard for the genre, but the author is so good at writing good drama, character dialogue and descriptions. I'm surprised and confused that there hasn't been more attention given to this work.


I really enjoyed the medical details and definition of the character. Wondering how will it go ahead. Looking at the title made me wonder how can two ice and flame, no signs of combinations with each can have this emotional. But, as long as it runs, it IS making a line. The Author is giving the best of his/ her strength. So, come on! let's cheer this book and encourage the writer to keep going. Keep up the best work and go on. The Heroine is a good person. I like the was she's made up. Go for it....


So far in its good, the author did a good job compiling such an interesting story. The beasts, demon, plus royalty and cultivation to boot total yes. Look forward to the story as it unfolds. Keep up the good work author!


This is good, it's light and easy to read, your character design is done well and I love the most is your writing style, great job! keep it up!


Just read the first 7 chapters of this incredibly well written Novel. The Writer bears a thorough knowledge in Medical terms and uses them, appropriately. I am especially fond of how well she has developed her characters throughout what I've read so far. I've added it to my collections and can't wait to read all her chapters, which are all written so concisely!


Amazing start that keeps the readers intrigued and excited about happens next. The story has few to none grammar mistakes allowing the reader to enjoy a smooth story.


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