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The life of an abandoned child

--- Female lead My name is Naomi ... I'm an abandoned child. I live my life without regrets. My tragic story begins when I was little ... I suffered for 12 years, but after realizing that I had nothing to expect from my "parents" - I left. The world is a cruel place, but I find it wonderful ... I mean ... everyone would like everything in the world to be good and without evil - but if you think of a world without bad people only with kind, fair and good people - It would be a boring nightmare. The world is in chaos because that's the way it should be, whoever doesn't accept it is ... Naomi has a great memory and superior intelligence. She was taken under the wing of a famous lonely doctor after running away from home. She wants to become the most feared person of the shadows ... She decided to do everything only for personal interest ... Her code name as the most feared thief-assassin in the world is "Cheshire" - because her smile sends you to the gates hell ... Will she be able to lead a life the way she wants? ------- Male lead His name is Isack ... I am a happy child, who lived in a very loving family. My life is lived without regrets. Despite the thriving environment I come from, I am not communicative. I hate nonsense and love the unusual. I decided to be a detective because my whole family was killed in front of my eyes at the age of 16 by someone ... My merits in the police mean nothing to me ... my only goal is to take revenge .. ---- What will happen to these two after they meet?

Arianthe_Jazmin ยท Contemporary Romance
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