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I accidentally married a "CEO"

I accidentally married a "CEO"

~COMPLETED~ Due to the matchmaking skill of B-52 and Long Island ice tea. Two people accidentally, married. **** Two people who are as different as day and night accidentally met at the club and made an arrangement that would change their lives and themselves forever... The agreement was... "A fake marriage." Hence, the love story begins... **** Excerpt: She realized that the man sitting next to her had ordered a B-52 and Long Island Iced Tea. As soon as the bartender handed him the B-52, he took the shot and washed it down with the long island iced tea. The man had never been much of a drinker, but tonight he needed it badly. One thing he didn't realize was that his drink combination wasn't the brightest; one too many would hit you hard. Unconsciously, he turned to the girl next to him. "Miss, excuse me! Are you available?" With a smile shining as bright as the sun. The woman turned around and gazed at him with the sweetest smile on her face. "Maybe I am. What about you? Are you available?" she replied with a façade of confidence when she was actually shaking inside to the core of her being. The man looked at the woman as though he were about to swallow her whole, in his mind he was thinking... 'What a beautiful smile! Her eyes... green like the rarest stunning emeralds... they are so deep! I feel like I'm being dragged into the ocean, unable to resurface but still wanting to drown,' he thought as his heartbeat syncopated so fast that he had to look away for a moment to catch his breath. ‘Is this what they called love at first sight?’ He wonders. When he felt that his heartbeat was steady enough, he took another look at her perfect face and gave her a heart-stopping smile. "Yes! I'm very much available." Note: If your reading this other than the Webnovel.com site, please stop! Do not support sites that had been stealing my hard work. Thank you! If you want to chat with me and has some question. Join me at discord. Link below: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG

AJZHEN · Contemporary Romance