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Her Disguised Smile

What would you do when you have been lied to for your whole life by someone you loved? Don't know? Then read this story where you are covered with lies and backstabbers and know-how she fights them. Sera... Seraphina who was living with her mother surname and with her stepfather. Her Real father left her and her mother the moment she born. Her mother raised her till nine but after that finally her stepfather Jake took all her responsibility as her father. It took really long time to convince her mother. Everything was going fine but then this disaster happen during her high school time her stepbrother who was from Jake's ex-wife suddenly appeared and she got into a fight with her best friend for some reason. she left for studying overseas to avoid everything. And now after seven years when she's finally back everything is going worse. Her mother got into a coma and things become harder and harder for her than it was used to be seven years ago. Read the story and know more. Let's see together how well she will develop herself. . . . You can directly text me on the Discord app. My Id- StrangePeace#2394

StrangePeace ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings