REVENGE AND LOVE : Shackled in Love Desire Book

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REVENGE AND LOVE : Shackled in Love Desire


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Adults only !! When grudges are already in the heart and mind, sometimes someone's kindness is closed off. But what if love has touched a heart full of revenge? Will the grudge go away? Follow the story of revenge and love between Nadia and Jonathan who plays in it ... Nadia (21 years) wants the destruction of a famous millionaire Mr. Daren who had the heart to separate his mother and father until his mother died in loneliness, while his father had no news whether he was dead or still alive. With hatred already deep in her heart, Nadia is determined to enter the scope of the Daren family as the personal servant of Mr. Daren's only son named Jonathan. Jonathan (25th), a young, cool and arrogant CEO, wants to find a life partner who can truly love himself for who he is. Since he had an accident and was paralyzed, all the women he knew had stayed away and left him. And even if there are those who survive, they only want their property. Meeting with Nadia Jonathan's life becomes more colorful but ends in great pain. As love grows in her heart, Nadia leaves with her love and baby, who is still in Nadia's womb. Will the grudge in Nadia's heart disappear with the great love Jonathan has for her? How did Nadia feel about Mr. Daren when she met her father and learned all that Mr. Daren had done for her safety? Will Nadia return in Jonathan's arms when it's too late ???


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