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The Evil Dragon Reincarnates Into A Human

[ Novel Transfered To New Site: https://www.ringdomstory.com/novel/%2B%2Bb1St8aKSSdqdEzRTm6dQ%3D%3D-The-Evil-Dragon-Reincarnates-Into-A-Human.html ] Legend has it that if an Ancient Dragon lives over the age of a million years, then they will reincarnate as a human. What people don't know was that the legend was in fact true, the Ancient Dragon who is also known as the infamous Evil Dragon reincarnate as a human baby. What's more, he reincarnated as a royal, the first born son of the Emperor, but it was an unfortunate occurrence that the court magician was unable to gorge his power and so they all thought that he was a trash. Under the order of the Emperor, he was abandoned in a far away forest, and so his dream to become an adventurer instantly crumbles down. Whether it was the work of God or not, but just as he was about to starve to death in the forest, he met the Earl couple who was being chased by bunch of goblins. ======================== Join Discord! -->  https://discord.gg/JzWVCRk  ======================== Resource Used For Cover: Plain Blue Leather Background - Credit: Mockaroon - https://unsplash/photos/SGwvtNLmDeU

8thGradeSyndrome · Fantasy

Allfather of Asgard

A player Reincarnated in another world along with the world and kingdom he created, and will leave an eternal legend in the vast Cosmos. ********************************************* it has a 1,500 to 2,000+ a words in every chapter And It's Fan fic? I guess? oh and this is my first fic. So don't expect too much from me. And the photo isn't mine

Rawfish · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


Chen Ming was transmigrated into a game world with a super cheat system he will soar through heaven while living his life as he pleased Power Level 1.Qi Foundation stage LV.1 to LV.50 2.Qi Gathering stage LV.50 to LV.100 3.Earth Profound stage LV.100 to LV.150 4.Sky Profound stage LV.150 to LV.200 Schedule Everyday 1 to 2 chapter(1200+) Original Thai language current chapter 670+

CrazeNovel · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Tenth Life of a House Cat

Follow the adventures of a noble house cat who travels to another world to be born again into a king! Using the experiences of his previous lives will he be able to make a difference? Join him on his noble quest to unify the Felinian Empire! Let the nose bopping commence!

Necroghan · Fantasy

Monster Card

Ayyur Layl, Died and have been reincarnated in a fantasy world! The world seem to be filled with strong warriors called Monster Artist who are able to tame and use in battle strong Beast who live in this world. This story is a reboot of my previous "Work" I don't really know how much i will upload per week

Skyrimeur · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Pretty Far Out There...

Okay... so, basically, the general idea I'm going for here is... uhm... God (in this fantasty world) represents the power of absolute authority. He basically behaves like many authoritarian leaders, but on a global scale and to the point where he can literally read your thoughts. The only thing stopping him from puppeting the entire planet is the fact that he is kind of clumsy/overpowered and ends up just breaking things. Because of this, he must select a "hero" to act on his behalf, but he's having trouble finding one. The Devil embodies a more... chaotic philosophy. He believes that order/structure is unnatural--basically slavery to any free-minded creature (like humans, angels, demons, etc). He is unable to traverse Earth (er... alternate Earth) personally for fear of God finding and attacking him. Instead, he uses agents--demons or humans who sell their souls to him--to basically overthrow establishments dedicated to God. Because the current world is a theocratic regime... this basically means he sends agents to upturn society. Neither deity necessarily values any life other than their own... they see humans kind of how might see them while reading this. You know, assuming I do a half-decent job, you get attached to maybe a couple, but they're mostly in the background and you don't really care if they die. For the most part, God and Satan just sort of force their own philosophies onto humans while trying to prove to each other than one is superior. In any case, I hope you enjoy it. If not, that's fine (obviously), nothing is for everyone, and I'm not exactly a world-class author. This is just a fun idea. Don't expect regular updates... I have a job, college, and girlfriend to think about, so I don't know when I'll even have time for this.

Ash_of_Miller · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The League of Psychopaths

What happens when the luckiest person in the multiverse, a time traveller and a powerful alien who somehow knows English meet? well, that's what you're here to find out! join these three beings in their journey across the multiverses, as they try to defeat all in their way while growing stronger. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is based on a roleplay me and my friends do. My first character is the alien. The name of the story is also the name of the rp, although we haven't done anything with it yet.

Just_A_Guy_1750 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings