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In the world of Ethereal, Scott Powers lives an unsuspecting life while slightly ignorant of the outside world. In Erebus, the Upper region of the Underworld surrounded by walls, Scott and his family live their ordinary lives until, one day, Scott discovers umbra, misty shadow-like beings, have invaded Erebus underneath everyone's noses. While Scott plans to move them back to the underworld, mysterious forces drag him out of the walls and into the vast world full of magical creatures and spiritual abilities. Outside of the Underworld, Scott gets to meet the creatures he's read about for years, and he somehow becomes friends with a few princes and princesses. Along the journey to get back home he encounters all kinds of misfortunes, he wants to help but can he? And along with the impending doom he faces, he also experiences his and others' pasts through bonding with them. Broken dragon families, hurting siren royalty, and thieving orcs will be met and their pasts will unfold to create a bigger picture within a ripped paper. What role does Scott have in this world? And how can this teenager cope dealing with romance, betrayal and friendship? Update Frequency: Hopefully once or twice a week Length of Chapters: Chapters vary, 1000 - 6000 words.