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Ball of Nothing

Ball of Nothing

I started off as nothing, just a mass of consciousness that slowly evolved. Just your average overpowered existence hungry for a multiverse adventure. Demons? They are my friends. Monsters? They are delicacies. Heroes? Not even equal to the dirt on my boots. Royalty? Money Machi- Ahem, a pleasure doing business. Immortals and Gods? Share with me the latest gossips! With power comes responsibility, but I'm just a ball... or am I just a ball? Watch as I regain my memories and beat up my past self. Note: No common sense in the story. Highly controversial. This is a contracted work, expect to unlock chapters. Season 1's standards differ greatly. Drama seekers, toxic bitches and overly-sensitive folks who cannot chillax not welcomed. Author also has indemnity to typo, grammar mistakes and English bugs throughout the story. You have been warned. Proceed with caution and enjoy. *** Special chapter release on other milestones, check out my discord and patreon for more details, thank you for the support! Note: Author needs to earn USD1,500 every month by the end of 2020 stably so that they can continue writing full-time. If you can afford it, please show your support. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/destinyaitsuji Kofi: Ko-fi.com/destinyaitsuji Discord: https://discord.gg/UrtDMXn

Destiny_Aitsuji · Fantasy
Faux Elysias

Faux Elysias

"Reach! Find the place I rest! And wish from me what your hearts behest!" Such were the words of the mysterious voice. After these words were uttered, great changes took place all around the world. In an instant, %60 of every living thing has perished. A part of them reduced to dust while the others turned into monsters. The forced evolution that world goes through will open new windows for everybody while it also brings about their calamity. Among this, one soul will shine the most. As a promise of one of their desires guaranteed, mankind will do everything to grasp it. Only one will be granted the opportunity while the rest will be steps for their legacy. ----------------------------------------- If you like my work you can support me on patreon. You can read chapters ahead there if you'd like. Patreon Link : https://www.patreon.com/alametrider

AlametRider · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings