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LUCIANO:The Devil's Love

What happens when a teacher who is also a doctor by profession catches the eye of Mafia king billionaire itself ............... "Jonah king where are your parents, it's getting dark," said Rose Angela to her 5-year-old student "Ms Rose my uncle will be coming," said Jonah while pouting surely "It's ok dear I will wait till your Uncle come," said Rose Angela while chuckling Jonah happily nodded Rose Angela turned around as she saw Jonah running towards a man who was in a three-piece suit with dark jet black hair and blackish-grey eyes with a Greek God-like figure with his jaw clenched. The man's feature was sculptured by God himself. The Man was surrounded by bodyguards and she observed that the school lane was filled with black cars. Rose Angela came out of her trance when she heard jonah's cheery voice, "yay, uncle you came," said Jonah happily as he was picked up by two muscular arms of Luciano King Jonah king's uncle. "yes, dear let's go," said Luciano king chuckling, holding his beloved niece "Luci, uncle wait let me say bye to my teacher," said Jonah cutely while turning his head to Rose Angela Luciano king tilted his head with his dark eyes to see his beloved niece's teacher, "Bye Ms Rose good night," said Jonah waving his hand happily "Good Night Jonah, I will be going "Rose Angela managed to speak words and walked quickly to her home as she felt a piercing gaze by LUCIANO KING. ............ A Real King Only Bows To His Queen ........... Rose Angela Green: A beautiful, smart and stubborn women with hazel green eyes and fair skin with an hourglass figure. She is a teacher and also a doctor by profession. A kind soul. Hates to be controlled. Has a single mother as her father died in an accident when she was not even born.Has only two besties from childhood max who is a gay and amber collins. Luciano King: A handsome Greek God with rare sexy features, He is ruthless and dark with no emotions, a devil in nature. Has a jet black hair with blackish-grey eyes. women drool over him and also scared of him. His name will send shivers to everyone's spine. A business tycoon and the king of the underworld. His family was dead in a mafia war, has a sister and brother in law who died in an accident. Has companies all over the world and never takes no as an answer. Loves to control everyone and people who come in his way will disappear. And have only 1 best friend and business partner who takes control over Italy, DAMIEN MORETTI. ........ THE DEVILS LIVE FOR KILLING BUT NEVER DIE

ROSALIND_THE_ONE ยท Martial Arts
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