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I'm just a man in another world

A average man in life has his own passions and hobbies. This man is no different meet James Winter. James is a single man with a average job and life. He has had ups, downs, loves and enemies like everyone else. James loves fishing, cooking, playing games and lastly of course reading. One day in a accident that happens everyday around the world James loses his life. Join James Winter in this all to commen fantasy scene. As he lives a normal life or at least trys to. In a all new exciting world of swords, dragons, maidens and of course magic.

codenick · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

A varied universe

Kyle is a new member of a squad in his home town called the hunter squad, everything starts out fine until things come to a sudden change. This story can also be found on Wattpad under the same name.

Kyle_7510 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings