Grandmaster Of All Job Class
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Grandmaster Of All Job Class


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What is Grandmaster Of All Job Class

Grandmaster Of All Job Class is a popular web novel written by the author Mel_Aniv, covering REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ACTION, TRANSMIGRATION, ADVENTURE, DARKFANTASY, YOUTH, WSA2021, SPIRITYAWARDSSPRING2021, HIGHFANTASY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 458.5K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 177 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 84 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is a story of a man in his wisest and his strongest. His name was Joan Emsworth. Having faced a situation in which he can't become young again, he was forced to transmigrate to continue the cycle of life. Having been the strongest human in his past life, he was able to fight off the God of Angels. They fought and he was able to turn into his friend instead. The God of Demons was angered by his valiant deeds. Having been the greatest obstacle in his plans. Now this story started when he transmigrated. Meeting his body's parents and has assimilated with the soul of the past owner itself. He was faced with a crisis that he became a beginner. Being back to square one, he started to cultivate and train again. Upon having a great time preparing for his school next year, everything went wrong and all was lost. Facing great trials to test his courage and his bravery. As time goes by, he was regaining his power and getting stronger. Even though he was improving himself, his enemies were not also something to be trifled with. Making him cry many times. Meet Joan's journey of happiness, sadness, crying, bravery, courage, feel dreadness, enjoy the journey of adventures, meet imperfections, meet exhilarating action scenes, and enjoy diverse job classes. Can he survive in this world? Can he do the task to save the world he resides in? Can he be strong enough to continue his journey? Credits to MizA for the fan art cover! WSA2021/Spirity Awards Spring 2021 entry on TRANSMIGRATION. Wish me luck! FREE TO READ 2 Chapters/Day! (Depends if not stressed or busy)

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This novel is verily inspired by the game Diablo 2 and I didn't want to copyright everything but wanted something like it. It was a very inspiring game for me but with a twist of Transmigration suited for the Spirity Contest this 2021. I am deeply sorry as I didn't have a good grasp of the English language and it will affect the quality of my writings. But still, I will do my best to give you quality chaps. I will try to upload 2 chaps per day in 1 year and see if it will be a success. Reaching a million views is one of my goals before December and I hope you bear with me. I wanted to create a novel that you will be reading again for some time. I hope you bear with me and I hope to last until I finish this novel. Not all authors can endure trolling and bashing which causes a toxic environment for the author and will not finish their works on the process. Happy reading and have a nice day!


A novel inspired by Diablo 2, Torchlight, and, Elder scrolls Skyrim. Also, the action scenes were inspired by One punch man. And transmigration was inspired by many isekais that I have read till now. I hope this novel will be something that will be treasured and someday will become what I am proud of. Not sure though but Readers will still have the final say. Peace to you all!


I would like to thank MizA for commissioning the novel's book cover! I am not worthy of her grace and so I will make a review purely of just thanking her and giving her the credits. Upon reading, she voluntarily made one for me without making a requests for her to make one for me. And then I was surprised that she made an artwork based on the vibes she has read so far! I am inspired to see such support from my readers and thus will do my best not to disappoint her. Kudos MizA! And this review is for one and only you! This 5 stars are for your work! 😉


Want some face slapping and action? Revenge and a superpowered MC? This is your stop! I've uncovered a hidden gem and will be adding this to my library. The novel has potential. It is a transmigration story with a strong-willed MC.


A transmigration story with potential. English is definitely not the author's first language but it didn't stop him from writing a beautifully written action packed novel with a superpowered MC that starts from zero. Great job, author!


I'd like how the author expresses his emotion into a masterpiece! Your work is full of creative imagination, that wonder me how I went to the next chapters. Keep up the good work! And I'm eager to watch this book on the screen because I know it has the potential. Good luck with the contest! Your book will achieve the number one spot!


A story with a transmigration concept that's quite popular at the moment, but something about this premise makes it special and different. It's a great read that is very enjoyable. Especially the world-building and the lore at the beginning pulls you in, and what intrigued me the most is the power/magic system. The magic/skills the MC did as a hero where he defeated the demon king, shows how exciting the skills the MC has and will have. The MC, however, transmigrates into a trash body and has to learn from anew. I'm curious about his journey and the story is very promising. Although, I do have to say, despite how interesting the first chapter was, the story is a bit more slow-paced, which is fine, but I feel like there was a bit too much exposition and it would've been nice to learn about joan's past throughout the story, instead of having it all in the first chapter. Either way, I can already see how great this story is going to be!


heyyy this is another feat of book to be read! hi fellow pinoy! this is so amazing, I could imagine every bit of description. gonna collect this! ♪ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)


Characters: Nice and realistic! Plot: Awesome and slow-paced! Writing quality: Decent and passable World building: Nice and vast Action Scenes: Loud and clear This is what I have seen as I read it. An amazing author that was very inspired to do his works and may it find success! Kudos and good luck! To all new readers here, please give this work a try!


This story shows promise. While the beginning was a little repetitive, there is much fun to be had with this premise. I can feel the passion of the writer oozing off the pages.


Hey fellow author.....................great work! It's another good piece of work by you.......... I really recommend readers to try this out.😄


I've read a few chapters and needless to say... it was epic. The story premise about someone mastering all job classes is something I can relate to because I tend to grind all characters when I play MMORPG's as well. I really like how you managed to come up with an opening that explained how someone could beat a grandmaster in all job classes. There are some grammatical errors and punctuation misuse that I've noticed. Some used a comma instead of a period, and some separations should have been done with a semi-colon or a dot but you used a comma instead. Of course, that's understandable because as you said, you're not that well-versed in the English language. I suggest using Grammarly for now, and then work your way from there. I see that you're really passionate in writing as you have written a lot of books on this platform and I know you will improve greatly with the right criticisms. I've been writing for nine years now and I know what you meant when you said it's hard for trolling and bashing to get to your mind. Even I, who has written for the past nine years, still haven't gotten used to the trolling and bashing from time to time. (I saw your review on this movel) That's why just know that you have our back :) We are all authors on the same page/platform so if you need anything, don't hesitate to drop by in webnovel discord servers for help. We all deal with the same problems and I hope we can at least alleviate each other's hardships. Have a great day and I hope you're always getting enough rest :)


Great story telling! I definitely see so much potential in your story, and am very interested in its world. Very well built world, and nice setup. A truly worrhy read!


Hello! Just read your story and I got to say it is spectacular so far. Joan is a very likable character and the concept is a perfect blend of popular concept with a great unique twist. I like the small details you go into that dont need to be there like the god describing why he made people and such. please write some more![img=recommend]


Hello! Good day author! I definitely support your work. I am very proud to see my fellow countrymen writing in here. It was an honor to read your works! The story was so nice that I got goosebumps and chills. Inspiring to read and hope it becomes big soon! Once again, good day and good luck with your work. More power to your writings and may your creativity flourish! Good luck!


This story is really engaging and fun to read. It is well written but what I like most about it is it’s amazing world building. I wish you the best of luck in the Spirity Awards [img=recommend]


It's easy to get lost into the story. Emotions are there and with great story telling I get transported into the pages. It's exciting and action-packed and that's what makes the reading experience more memorable. Story has great potential. Keep on writing author. I like the story. 🤗🤘👍


So far the worldbuilding looks good, the main character came out more after the first chapter and we got to see some of his personality. Honestly, the first chapter was a little hard to follow along. I know that some of that was the fact that English isn't your first language. It didn't stop me from reading past the first chapter, though.


The world of this story is truly interesting and well built. Although there are only six chapter right now, there are written in such a way that the readers find themselves curious about the worldss and the demons. The only flaws are that present and past tenses are sometimes mixed. Best to stick to one tense to avoid mistakes like that. Especially as it can be a bit challenging as you write one action in present tense and the next in past tense, but still in the same sentence. Also, don't hesitate to speak about the MC's motivation to make him feel more real. Apart from that, it's a good story and it's easy to see that you already know where you are going with it. Keep up with the good work, author! 😊


The author here has great potential! Even though it was not his first language, he managed to pull it off. Such quality from a native of the Pearl island of south-east Asia. This cliche story was also above the average from its genre. It was a hidden gem hiding on the masses. More power and inspiration to the author and I hope anyone who reads this will pick this novel up and finish it. Thank you for reading this and goodbye! ✌️


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