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The Wretched Mistress

She didn't want all of these to happen. Never in her wildest dreams would she want to become a mistress of a Royal Business Tycoon. Even if she came from a humble family, she didn't want to be entangled with someone who was already married. And yet, here she is. April had loved him secretly all throughout the years and yet, this is how he repays her. Anguished, sadness and unloved. To the point of losing her mind again. If only she could turn back time, she would never have love this ravish man! Unfortunately, they had a son. Her most treasured son was made by accident. Even though Alex didn't planned it, he wants to stand up as the father. Alex had trapped her to stay or else she would lose her son. But where would she stand in this messy situation? She was nothing but a so called mistress. Would there be ever a day, where she will be finally be free? Or will she be taken over by her own darkness? ---------- This story is about our own devils. Tackling them in our daily lives, as well as struggling to survive. Remember, Demons are not an illness. If you're not into dramatic - romance, you can freely skip this novel. Parental Guidance is required. A lot of hot and steamy scenes ahead. Be prepared to eat dogfood. This is my 2nd Novel and English is my 3rd language. Sorry in advance, for my grammatical errors. Reviews are appreciated! Enjoy! UwU ------- Also read my other novels ! The Fallen Consort & Phoenix Rebirth : The Unruly Empress -------- JOIN THE DISCUSSION !!! Discord : discord.gg/hAJDepT ---- Also please support me by buying me a coffee! buymeacoffee.com/ElleJaye

ElleJaye · Contemporary Romance

My Cheating Boyfriend’s Bestfriend

Paris Hastington is undeniably gorgeous and sexy but her confidence smashed after her long-time boyfriend ,Hugo Eves cheated behind her back multiple times. Broken and taken over for granted, she drowned herself with alcohol only to find herself waking up on a stranger's bed with different clothes on. What the?! "You awake, sleeping beauty? Oh, the name's Archer Dawson, by the way." There, standing a tall familiar demigod man-- Dark brown hair, gray orbs , clean eyebrows , upright nose ,red thin kissable lips and strong jaw. Anyone would drool, but not Paris. "You brute, what the heck did you to me?!”

MirielDVA · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings