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dreamscape online

ning bai tian, An 18 years old girl from a wealthy family that supported their descendants to be independant. She always topped her class and receive countless admiration. One day, her older brother bought her something she always thought as unnecessary, a gaming pod. From then on, her life felt as if she found something meaningful to pursue. In the game, life skill players were looked down because majority of player thought they were weak. "life skill player are weak? Then don't bother to come to us to buy 'trash' from us." she gather all talented life skill player all over the game and built the very first life skill empire. They became stronger that nobody dare to look down on them. Some player even said, "you will feel your life is very fulfilling if you could just take one item from Life empire's storage room that was more precious than any guild' possession." Let's Begin Our Journey!!!

white_hell ยท Teen
Not enough ratings