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Can love happen twice?

What do you think about love? To me, love is a beautiful thing. It is an emotion that is mixed with passion, intimacy and commitment. While some people consider is just as something essential, some consider it as life. We have only one chance to live. If it is gone, then we die. It is same for people who love. When they lose the one they love, they prefer death over living because it will be hell. Just like him and her. Both had the ones they love and lost them right in front of their eyes. They preferred death but they promised that they will live, for the ones who love them. Will life provide them with a second chance? A chance to live and... love? They won't forget the person they loved with all they had. They won't let people to make them forget about it. Can love happen twice in such people's lives? Will they have their happily ever after? ********* Disclaimer: This is an original work of the author. Diverse range of critics are welcomed to criticize my book. Please do remind that harsh comments and reviews are unwelcomed here. Your comments and reviews will help me to grow to be as a better writer. ********** Please note: This book will have an happy ending. It might show you love in a different angle. If you find something that is similar to any other books, please note that this is an after effect of reading too many books. ********* Do rate, share, vote and review. Your ratings, comments and reviews will make me work more harder. ********** © All Rights Reserved

kravi1 · Contemporary Romance
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