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The Vengeful Empress

The Vengeful Empress

She was only one step from being the future Crown Princess until she lost everything. Bellrose was a talented woman- gifted with tactful performing art. As the daughter of a dancer and a powerful Duke- her reputation was somewhat in between. Not only being an airheaded, stubborn naive girl- she was the villainess. As always, the villainess is gifted with the power of hated love. The one who dares to steal the Prince Charming away from Cinderella. The naive, stubborn- airheaded villainess. Using her powers, she was banished by the only man she had loved. Staked at death, Bellrose travels back time. This time... she will take revenge. She will start another new adventure. Making allies, and new enemies. She also wants another chance to find her true love. The one who will only love her back. Travel will Bellrose as she discovers and unravels another world to take revenge and find pure romance.

Tanisha_Mazumder_4401 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings