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I Got Reincarnated As A Villainess Princess

I am Angel Lim. An avid fan of a popular novel called, 'The Angel They Adored'. It was a reverse harem story where countless men fell in love at the heroine. Its a great masterpiece but I always hated her whenever the greates villainess harrases her. Or so what I thought before reading the epilouge of the season 1. It was the dying moment of princess Ledecia and for the first time, she reminisced her life. "Why did I even exist in the first place if all I ever felt is pain?" Thats the last words she utter before dying. And It was very painful. I shouldn't have hated her. *Knock knock* I paused my thoughts when I heard a loud knock coming from the front door of my apartment. "I'm coming" "Delivery from shoppee ma'am" I opened my door slowly as I approached the man standing before me. "Oh sorry? But I didn't---" My words was interrupted by a sudden pain. He stabbed me. ............... Huh? I'm alive? Where am I?

Pastell19 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Despite Mezu being happy with her parents, her life would change completely after her mother got killed right in front of her... How did she react to that accident?

AyaBrahmi · Teen
Not enough ratings