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What is Unsealing: Omnipotent Father

Read Unsealing: Omnipotent Father novel written by the author OmnipotentDad on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning, the author of this book is a; -An uneducated person that graduated only in high school and has poor English skills. -Learned his while watching anime, reading novels and manga. -Is a father that's trying to earn money from working while also doing some part-time jobs. Thanks for your understanding. ___________ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/597UzYw ___________ For donation: ko-fi.com/omnipotentdad patreon.com/omnipotentdad ty~ ty~ ___________ Mo Xie, someone that had reached the peak on the Realm that which he lord over, Alchemy? Smithing? Cultivation? Weapon Master? Inscription? Name it and he would definitely have vast knowledge about that, with the life of a supreme expert which he believes to be the peak, his life that had already reached thousands of years, ended... Ehhh? How? well, something stupid, you just have to read it. But with a twist of fate, he was reincarnated, into an all-powerful, supreme, and useless mortal. "WHAT?!" Crippled Cultivation, 'a' Soul Sea that is destroyed, and physique that can only possess Mortality (Well, that is until he can cultivate again of course.) But how can he, Mo Xie stand to become someone useless after being someone supreme? With all the knowledge he had accumulated through billions of years, he'll fight his way, to become the greatest... FATHER!? -Will be uploading a new version in Mangatoon


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Hello everyone, Author here,~ -As some of the people here, I have already made a few other novels other than this one. -I accept criticism, but please do so with quality, not because you guys hate my novel. Writing Quality: Stability of Updates: Story Development: Character Design: World Background: I Appreciate it especially for those people that would do so~ not because of writing quality, I will get 1star... That is something I hate the most~ I just wish that I would at least hear what it is that makes my story, a 1 star one!


Forgive me if there any mistakes in the review, I'm typing this out on my phone. It appears that the author does not accept constructive criticism? I read until chapter 20; while many others only read a few chapters before reviewing, so I hope you do not attack me for reading only '20' chapters when reviewing. The grammar is subpar, to say the least, but the flow of the story is somewhat understandable and I can vaguely comprehend the general direction of the plot. Furthermore, the characters are like cut out cardboard figures with no real personality; it appears that they exist only to push the plot forward. Writing about a 'billion-year old master' is difficult, to say the least, when reading you somewhat expect for the MC to know of a limitless abundance of skills yet this not shown very well. Are we supposed to expect for the MC to have only been sleeping for most of those years? To even try to believe that is extremely unrealistic and requires a very broad mind from the readers. For a person who is writing to make money, the quality is honestly not high enough. I've read many other originals on the site which have far less publicity than this, yet those stories have a more defined plot and much better grammar/flow. So, I'll try to give my review according to the general system of WN. Writing Quality: 2.5, although the writing/grammar leaves something to be desired; it is somewhat understandable. Stability Of Updates: 5, the updates have been punctual as far as I can see. (Although I'm not sure if the quality has dropped over time as I stopped at C20.) Character Design: This is honestly a 1-1.5 for me, the idea of a 'billion-year-old' master is extremely badly portrayed. My personal feedback is this: Don't bite off more than you can chew, for your type of novel, the MC being designed as a legendary 50-100-year-old genius that once reached the peak would have been much better. Why? This leaves room for error, as it is extremely unbelievable for a billion-year-old monster to know such limited information. Furthermore, the way the MC acts is far too unbefitting of someone that ancient. But if the MC was only 50-100 years old which is still considered an elder in human terms, it allows us to actually have leeway in our mind to believe that the MC is human and can make mistakes; even though he was at the VERY PEAK of the ENTIRE universe in his last life. The side characters that I've seen up to C20 are also extremely plain, they exist solely for the readers to have a 'funny' and 'unreasonable' read when one is drunk and not thinking straight. This is fine for some, but not for me. Story Development: As I've said before, extremely plain where the chapters are spewed out only to be 'there' yet with no essential plot or meaning. 2-2.5. World Background: Although it's not fantastic, there is still a vague world I can picture while reading up to C20. - 2/5 Overall, this novel was extremely dull and boring to me which disappointed me greatly due to the number of 5-star-reviews, which made me feel a need to review this novel myself so as to balance it out. This novel's idea even though not crafted very well may appeal to some but not me. (I may have an higher expectation than your average reader which could be because I've been spoiled from the number of good novels — which naturally also includes originals, where the grammar is much better than this story and they also have very well-thought-out plot but have a lower rating/less popularity than this story. This was just my 2 cents on this novel. (I primarily created this since the large number of 5-star reviews did not match the content I expected)


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


This story is one of the best original story Because first of all it is a true original story without so much used tropes or cliché and is a story with actual background developpement in a world that we can understand even if there is still much mysterie about it at the time i am writing this review xD The character are not idiot and we can undersrand their train of thought even if we don't agree with it Some twist are so new that you don't even expect it like in the chapter 36 I will not spoil it but you will be surprised 😉 The author give regular update and warn us readers if there is a change about the release schedule/if he can't release next chap of if the next chap will be late All in all this story has potential and i hope that all the reader that have got to this point of my review give it a try and support this story I guarantee you that you will not regret it Just a loyal reader addicted to this story 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


one of the best novels that i ever read ... Almost everything is perfect 😊😊 ... I hope this novel become official in Webnovel !!!! ..... Great author god bless you 🙏


The clan he built and the characters I cared about just died like that because of his stupid decision haaaah and then the cliche where there are stronger than him during his heyday it would still be interesting even without those stupid cultivation cliches but no, the author decided that the omnipotent dad is not so omnipotent but just an arrogant senile old man Honestly, the thing that draws people to read this novel is the fluffy scene(barely) and the character development sadly the novel turned into I'm the strongest but there are stronger out there so I will head out to get stronger again and there are mysterious characters which are not so mysterious at all and aren't even interesting at all and lastly the title should be changed he wasn't omnipotent at all he was incompetent honestly.


I LIKE IT!!! I've just read it for 2 hours and damn I can't get enough.. I'll be watching it now an addition to my treasure trove.. I hope there is more hahaha


Reveal spoiler


interesting so far, but author pay to much atention to the comments up to the point of skipping chapter in a rant, so is to inmature, is very consistent with his relases, there is more need of world background, but is undestable as the history is in his beginings.


I really wanted to like this novel, I love clan or sect development novels. But like most people have said already, it just a collection of cliches from different Chinese novels. The novel is random and all over the place. The main character is supposed to be smart but makes random stupid decisions for unexplainable reasons. Instead of focusing on building his power while he is weak (like an actual smart person would do), he stupidly runs around being arrogant, feeling like he is above everyone else when in fact his cultivation is extremely low and he is not as smart as he thinks (To the point that he is even ignorant about his own body and cultivation). The power levels when it comes to the main character are all over the place. From what I have read so far, the mc's power level is basically whatever the author says it is at any given time.No cultivation? no problem, with his weapon he just randomly created and his (deus ex machina) intent he can basically kill anyone he wants. The power levels are basically a joke, even if the strongest person on the continent shows up, the author just needs to come up with some random (super Saiyan) reason for the mc with the lowest cultivation rank to be able to kill him easily. I mean, the mc basically boasts about how all-knowing he is, to the point of being able to raise anyone's cultivation at will. Wouldnt it be better for him to just raise his own cultivation to at least a decent level first? that would have the entire thing a lot more believable. Overall, I am really disappointed with this novel as it could have been way better. I decided to drop it as I could tell that it would only be a waste of time as this novel is going nowhere fast.


It started decent. Maybe a little funny in the way the reincarnation happens. I didn't think it was truly great, but it was enjoyable. Then the main char started using abilities he should have no way of using. Main chars started dying and getting resurrected by even more op people. Getting thrown to other dimensions randomly... Splits of the MCs soul getting born... Over all it became weird, wtf, and cringey in the way everything happened just because the author said so. Beyond even excessive plot armor. Too much... It started good though :/


One of the stories I check out every day for updates. There are two things which put me off a little bit. Firstly the extremely long first life (billions of years) and secondly the expectations the title and synopsis create. Because the first life is so long it creates so many unanswered questions which just simply annoys the hell out of me. Secondly the title and synopsis create certain kind of expectations what the story is going to be like and it certainly delivered for the most part. In the later chapters though things take a different turn. This will most likely annoy readers who are expecting things to follow the style of "Emperor's domination".


Aaahh, finaly, i think this novel, Daedalus, and The Mech Touch are what makes Webnovel original novels the best new writer ones out there in the internet, there has been some jewels on RRL, but now it's time has passed, and there this new generation writers that are so amazing. Allright here's come my review. First off right on the bat, we get a nice prologue setup, that get us into the mood wanting to know more. The characters are getting fleshed out, somes not that much, it's the beginning of the novel, and there's tons of new characters, but what is really nice here, is you won't get one dimensional people in any point of the story. And that is great, there's tons of leads for many possible "main plots/sublots?". Well there's room for many things amazing things, as said, there's second role characters or even tird wheels, that feels like they want to "breaths" more into this story, giving it even mroe depths than it has at the moment. This leads to a conclusion where you got a badass MC, that use it's heads to use what he gots efficiently, without being a pushover nor a big studs rampaging everywhere, plus we got hints that his top aint it in the Universe, so as i said, it leads to a lot of promising futures. Dig into it! You won't be disapointed! Ah! and the Author is jsut so dedicated to this sotry, he works from 5 to 6, got family life with a new baby, writing this novel from 8 to 12pm, i mean come on, theres a patreon up, we all can share some loves to him as he does to us. BIG UP!


So far it's good read!!~ truthfully if we compare it with your other novel, this novel is the best!!~ bla....bla.....bla.....bla......140 character is hard if I didn't have any complaint lol!~ well at least I hope there will be no cliches plot until the end!~


An ok story ,some grammar mistakes ,Below average Story line some ideas taken from other novels no need to mention them ,misleading title is why i started i thought it was gonna be a chill novel ,till i got to chapter 36 where the author decided to make it 17+ which leads me to believe there will be some pretty rapey stuff , harems,multiple wives = milk those stones from viewers and build a harem with it lmao wasted time is all i see ,anyways good luck -1


Awesome. A rare gem. Love it. There aren't many novels of such quality. Maybe it is my own ignorance, but I have not read cultivation novels where the MC has children and has great interaction with them. In Coiling Dragon MC had children but he didn't interact with them much.


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I passed this novel up a few times. But I’m happy that I decided to take a chance on it because it’s ranked in my top 5 atm. I don’t care about the occasional grammatical errors. I love the story and characters so far and I appreciate your hard work effort and time. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.


Good novel :3.


sloooooow updaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates! Can you please do it 3 or 2 chapters per day ? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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