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Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains

She may have hacked off her chains from the wall. She may have escaped them, and might have a chance at living.  But the clasps are still weighing down on her wrists. And the links rattle as they drag across the floor. They echo loudly, sending warnings of her approach. People scurry away. So it's time she learns how to hide them. The chains don't rattle as she walks; the warning bells don't ring. The metal is trapped behind layers of deception. But blood trails is still behind her, and leave their tracks and debris. Maybe it's time to finally hack off those chains. ------------------------------------ excerpt from story:: “Ah!!!! “Don't kill me!!!” “I don’t want to die!” Pathetic. The voice rang in my head, and I agreed with her. I stood up, and gripped the knife. The first man had died too quickly. I'd like to rip them to pieces myself.  As I advanced, the hypocrites begged me to spare them. I saw the look in their eyes, and it stopped me short.  Shock pierced me, at how satisfying it was. Yes. Look at me like that. Pure fear. Regret. Agony. I almost wanted to spare them, to keep that look in their eyes… I thought, as I dug the knives through their skin. Their howls were too sweet though. I smiled. It felt good to smile again. It felt good to hack through their limbs. I looked down at my blood stained hands, and a giggle rose up in my throat. “Who would've guessed?” I didn’t care if I'd become a monster. “Killing is so much fun!” I wouldn’t give up this happiness for anything, ever again.  ~~~~~~ Hello I'm a total novice in writing so please bear with me. The update schedule is not fixed as I'm a student and am not able to update regularly. Plus I'm making this story up as I go so please don't bash me for it. Mature content warning This story contains depictions of cruelty and torture.

asphyxia778 · Fantasy Romance
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