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Kingdom of Fools Online

Kingdom of Fools Online

In the year 2020 where every single person in the world is using mobile phones. And popular mobile games became the norm for entertainment. The arrival of a small meteor on Earth had created a small rift where it landed that grows bigger as time pass by. The world government investigated this rift but failed because no life forms can go near it. Any thing within 5 km that has life that approach it will instantly turned into ashes. Soon they made a breakthrough as it is possible for machine to get near on it. They sent a drone robot to enter the rift only to cause a major disaster because they accidentally trigger and open the rift making it a functional portal that connects to another dimension. The trouble did not stop their as unknown lifeforms started to appear from within. Saferu love to play mobile game at his phone until one day he wakes up and suddenly realize that an unknown mobile game appeared and when he tried playing it he was surprise because he was randomly drag to the unknown. System Status now Online Host discovered Now activating host Time and Space Landscape: "Welcome to the Kingdom of Fools" []Please Name your Kingdom ________[] []Please Name your System ________[] Saferu was still half asleep at that time so after giving a name to it without even thinking he went back to sleep. The next thing he knows is that he woke up in an familiar room and in front him was a huge body builder women who suddenly started calling him HUSBAND!.

BakaNoBaka · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings