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Dark Light Nights


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[Some Chapters in this novel have boxes on the sides, that is the finished edited chapters. Dark Light Nights will go in with Major edits! In the process of Making a better Version. Sorry for the inconvenience.] Ciana Aolina is different from the living beings in Arkedss. As she ages up, something within her gradually starts to fuse. It is part of the Cycles gift. But none knew that Darkness enveloped her; she could hear a whisper. It is the effect of living alone until curiosity got her when a vision of someone with blood-red glowing eyes staring at her. Now, Ciana thought about who helped her survive? Is it someone she knows? However, the rumors about what Ciana's parents have done in the past needed her confirmation that she is indeed their daughter. And by telling them the truth that she only wanted to know who she is—the lies became real. Elders from the Warzone Headquarters assigned a place for her to stay—away from them. She has no one, not even a group of friends. But Ciana grabbed the chance to be stronger. More dangerously powerful. A hint of an upcoming war. The love that is not done between those men she got tangled with, stays one-sided. The Ciana they have loved will be their end. Because the things she valued the most have been destroyed. Her comeback is the path she chooses. The end of all —includes greed and nights. She is ready to see, how merciless can she be. Planets will never get a chance to be born again.


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