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Dark Light Nights


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What is Dark Light Nights

Dark Light Nights is a popular web novel written by the author Write_D_Words, covering ROMANCE, FANTASY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, FEMALELEAD, POWERSANDABILITIES, TECHNOLOGY, CREATURES, PLANETS, Sci-fi Romance genres. It's viewed by 10.3K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Let us begin the lesson." She opened the book that he handed over. Written down is: The universe change, planets that do not exist before has been born and known. It has been a long time since the last two new planets have been introduced. Earth is placed on the fourth planet; it's the primary source of products and services for the other planets. Aside from that, different types of people in other parts of the planet have been born. Earth remains earthly people. Yet two planets become more dominant, the Arkedss and Stighelt. The floating layered planet of light is the planet Stighelt. In contrast, the other world next to earth is Arkedss, the land of the dark. The origin of the two planets in the past has been written down in the world of history. Light powers have been distributed to the Stighelt people, while Dark forces have been distributed to the Arkedss people. But if two planets aren't contented with their title, then only one should remain dominant. If Light and Dark clashes, the people who receive both are called Nights, a world threat. Until a miracle happened, one of the rarest babies in Arkedss has been born with Light hair. Yet a day ahead, the rare baby in Arkedss has been born; one of the Stighelt people throw a newborn baby in the deepest layer in their world because it has a Dark Presence roaming in its body. No one knows if that baby even survived. The baby's name was not mentioned in the news from different parts of the planet. But it has been written down in the books of history. Questions remain: if the two babies meet, will they be a threat or heroes? She closed the book as He put it back to where he took it. "And end it with a question."

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Hello there, Readers (New and Old). I want to say Thank you so much for being here. Support, add to the collection, and vote for this novel. I appreciate all the efforts. Enjoy reading, and Have a great day ahead![img=recommend]


I can’t wait for the next chapters , please update 😭😭


Okay new readers, please give this novel a chance 🙏. The author will surely surprise you in many ways. Okay, review proper, this novel has good execution of the concept and the dialogues were also good. Very lifelike and realistic for me. Not everyone can pull it off so easily. It was like butter being sliced by a knife. Characters were fleshed out and so far, so good! Kudos and good luck! It was an amazing experience for my part and wished for other readers to share my experience too! haha 😂 Gracias!


I have read few of your chapters, and boy am I glad about it! Your cover is amazing, together with your chapters! I encourage everyone to read this awesome novel!


"A Highly Recommended Novel." I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. Overall, it's an engaging story so far. Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. Keep writing, Author.


Intriguing Story! I can’t see anything wrong with this novel. It is easy to understand, the flow is amazing, the author surprises you in many ways, it has a good concept and the dialogues. Any reader will get caught up from the very start, the prologue of the work. MCs character designing, abilities, and the world-building of this work are definitely top-notch. In the end, I can only say Good work author, keep updating, it is in my collection now. As for all the readers out there, please give this work a try.


Although it felt a little peculiar reading it at first, I was very easily drawn in. Whether it be the pacing of the story, the way the characters were introduced with little to no descriptions, it strikes off as something 'different' and new. Great work👏👏


I jumped into this with no expectations, and was greatly surprised honestly. It's a very intriguing start for the story, and I'm more than curious to read what happens next. Honestly, AMAZING job!!


I got caught up from the start of the first chapter. The idea of two planets, one for dark and one for light, made me interested. Reading about planets and powers in the same book is like finding the perfect combination between Sci-Fi and Fantasy.


I really enjoyed getting to know the unique mythology of this book, Ciana's rebellious yet humble abilities, and the amazing worldbuilding in this futuristic, almost magickal setting. Immediately added to my library, and can't wait to dig in more!


.................................................. Sugoi Sugoi Sugoi!! !! Watashi daisuki ,this book!! !! good good book! plwease Read! must read! Watashi reccomends!


I can’t see anything wrong with this novel. It is easy to understand , the flow is amazing. Good luck on your writing friend. I really fancy your book. [img=recommend]


It really ends me with a question. The author have succeeded to click my interest with this kind of genre. I mostly read stories this kind and I am sure that it'll be a great journey for me to explore what's more into this. Great minds really worked hard. Goodluck!❤❤❤❤ Lovelots, Cie


It is never a good idea to change the spellings of known words to sound fancy. Such idiosyncrasies are barely forgiven even for top authors, much less a newbie. But then, I can understand the urge to do such things.. these anagrams sound and feel grand in one's own mind. Unfortunately, I give up at three such words. caves & vaecs? Thankfully, author does not over do this, and the writing quality is excellent. if not for the easy reading, and the fast pace of the story, over all brilliant quality, I would not continue. However, the writing quality is good, so I did read .. to the end. Well done. it's worth a read.


YOU ALL CANNOT JUST MISS THIS BOOK IT'S SCI-FI WITH A TINGE OF FANTASY. It's a must read book. the world description and the female lead is described perfectly. We want more chapters . Kudos to the Author.


It caught my attention on the cover, anyone who plays dark soul will understand why. The story so far is well developed, the scenes are well detailed especially those involving some kind of action, the main character is charismatic and the author seems to know what he does, I will certainly wait for new chapters.


I'm not in to sifi much but this story caught my attention. writing quality: Authur is goon in what she is writing. Story development: No slow development, no forced words. the scenes move one to other without making readers bored. Character design: I must say writer did very good job at designing charectors. specially main leads. she also gave unique personality other side characters. Updating Stability: write won't Starve you. World background: instead of one or two story is woven arround three different worlds. each with uniqueness. and all the discription about them is on the point so readers won't get confuse. all in all this story is worth reading once. Plus this is only my point of view. good work authur. keep it up


A very Nice storyline. Scfi with female lead Woah! It's gonna be interesting, isn't! Come on author post more and more chapters we are waiting for updates! Highly recommended dearssss! 💛💛💛💛💛


SARAP <3 ...........................................................................................................................................


A sci-fi romance with a female lead. I am usually very picky about sci-fi novels with fem leads but this one has great potential. I hope that the author could post more chapters.


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