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Mrs. Zhang! Hello

Mrs. Zhang! Hello

Wang Xiu Ying and her best friend, Li Na, have always been close, to the point where she was convinced to move with her best friend. They moved from Jand city to King city. Xiu Ying expected her life to move on normally until she meets Zhang Wei. Here's the problem. Li Na also is interested in him, so as a good best friend she gives up. Problem solved Except, NOOO He wants her. No one else "Please Mr. Zhang keep your hands to yourself...hey....stop." "Well, Mrs. Zhang that is impossible." "Who is Mrs. Zhang you--hey. I said stop." But it is not as easy to develop their romance. Her friendship is turned into hate, and their love life includes drama. [I am not good with descriptions but you will not be disappointed] [The book cover isn't mine.]

pelzy · Contemporary Romance